Post-release SADO 'fashion House

Post-release SADO 'fashion House
Post-release SADO 'fashion House

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Video: FASHION HOUSE Pallady Official Opening 27 May 2021 2023, January

On March 29, within the framework of Fashion Week in Moscow, a show of SADO's new collection "My lover … SAlvaDOr" took place.

The bold work of the designers of the English house SADO 'Carlotta Herzi and Evan del Franco turned out to be even brighter and more prominent thanks to the participation as a stylist of a very extravagant star of Russian glamor, who insistently wished to remain anonymous. He, the stylist, turned each model into a reminiscence of the famous perfume bottle from Salvador Dali.

The feminine declaration of love for the Maestro of Surrealism turned out to be a mix of the feminist daring of the Silver Age wardrobe with the rational sensuality and exquisite detailing of the European Renaissance. Twentieth-century romance and a dispassionate spirit of independence waltz with rich detailing and sheer modernity in nuances in high-waisted dresses, asymmetrical pleats, provocative blouses and double-collar jackets. Luxury of Renaissance was woven into the image of clothes with accents on voluminous, "puffy" shapes of skirts, lace-up sashes and ties, meticulous details on the chic velvet. Romance and modernity have merged in the combination of a classic jacket with spherical skirts, where expensive wool falls on embroidery on silk. Unusual clothes inspired the same stylist to an extravagant show - dynamic,the hot-tempered and ragged dynamics of the music magically combined with the frozen faces of the models and the color scheme of the show, which created the impression of the unreality of what was happening, some kind of mysterious and alluring provocation, almost an optical illusion. It’s as if you’re dreaming in sur style and don’t want to wake up. Explosions of audience applause only emphasized the extravagance of what was happening, although the silence filled with a breath of "ah!" was even more expressive.filled with a breath "ah!" was even more expressive.filled with a breath "ah!" was even more expressive.

All experts agreed that a SADO 'woman knows how to be effective. This was confirmed by the purely male celebrities at the show: fashion artist Andrei Bartenev, musician Boris Grim ("The Brothers Grim"), renowned PR expert Evgeny Kobzev, as well as actresses Elena Zakharova and Olga Pogodina. The latter, literally on the eve of the show, starred in SADO 'clothes for another men's magazine. The particularity of the collection was also emphasized by the fashionable glamorous photographer Vladimir Shirokov, who has also already worked with SADO 'clothes.

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