Gwen Stefani Met Moscow At Audi A8

Gwen Stefani Met Moscow At Audi A8
Gwen Stefani Met Moscow At Audi A8
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The first visit of the famous American singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani to our country took place last week-end. The pop diva gave a small private concert in Moscow, devoting her free time to a walk through the streets of the capital, after which she went to St. Petersburg.

On the trip, Gwen was accompanied by the No Doubt group and the youngest son of the singer Zuma Nesta Rock, who recently turned 1 year old. The guests chose the fast and luxurious Audi A8 to get around Moscow. The reliability and high level of comfort of these executive cars make them the ideal fleet for the movement of world-class stars. The choice in favor of Audi during the Russian tour was made by the Scorpions, the famous Chinese pianist Lang-Lang and other performers.

On the eve of the trip, Gwen Stefani celebrated her birthday, and her visit to Russia was another gift for her. According to the representatives of the singer, she was impressed by the center of the capital - Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. Gwen actively bought souvenirs near historical sites, after which she and her retinue again hid in an Audi, fleeing from fans and the vagaries of the Moscow weather.

The singer's vivid impressions from her trip to Russia give hope to the Russian fans of No Doubt - they hope that Gwen will soon return to Russia to give a big concert.

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