Gwen Stefani Sets New Fashion Trends

Gwen Stefani Sets New Fashion Trends
Gwen Stefani Sets New Fashion Trends
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Not every woman dares to combine motherhood and two careers at once. But 39-year-old Gwen Stefani succeeds. The singer manages to raise two sons, work on her own fashion line, and even prepares for the next world tour. And where does the stars have so much energy?

Famous singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani returned to work after a break due to the birth of her second son. The other day, the star took part in a photo shoot in Los Angeles, during which she managed to change a lot of different outfits. Moreover, during the filming, Gwen did not show any signs of fatigue. On the contrary, she showed a great figure both in tracksuits and in a cocktail satin mini dress with open shoulders.

Interest in fashionable outfits seems to be in Gwen's blood. For several years in a row, she has presented fashion collections for her own lines LAMB and Harajuku Lovers. And her outfits are popular not only among the singer's fans, but also such famous ladies as Halle Berry and Paris Hilton.

“I really like to combine the look of the 'home girl' with Hollywood glamor,” - explained recently Stephanie. And judging by the level of sales, many girls like her stylish delights.

Gwen is also currently gearing up for the No Doubt tour. This will be the first tour of the famous band in the past five years. Moreover, the band members intend to combine the tour with the recording of a new album - the musicians acquired a portable recording studio and intend to constantly carry it with them. As Stephanie told ContactMusic, "Everything should be ready in case of hits."

However, Gwen herself admits that touring is not the quietest and most conducive to creative meditation period, because usually the members of the group are accompanied on tour by their family members and friends. “We have a lot of children and a variety of things, children constantly revolve around me - at least five. I'm just surrounded by boys,”the singer complains.

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