Takeoff Of Kevan Hall

Takeoff Of Kevan Hall
Takeoff Of Kevan Hall

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Video: KEVAN HALL 2018 2023, January

Critics rave about the Kevan Hall collection shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Hall synthesized the style of "Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, DianVreeland and Cher" and created a brilliant collection.

A light gray wool jumpsuit with a high waist and a black belt paired with a reversible black and gray cashmere cape is a real godsend for a business lady, an elegant chic that the audience appreciated. The 50s style skirt is transformed into a 21st century artifact through the use of rainbow wool. The same can be said about trousers - both wide and narrow.

As always, the evening dresses from Hall caused a special delight. Emerald silk short dress with shiny straps and playful skirt; an incredible amethis-colored crepe dress with a satin inset at the waist and a black corset; a light gray dress with a deep neckline, decorated with chinchilla fur - there is a long list of delightful outfits in this collection. One of the most striking is the horizontal striped red tulle dress, which not only does not visually plump, but on the contrary, confirms Kevan Hall's skill in creating an elegant look in any situation.

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