Jessica Alba Is Ready For `Valentine's Day`

Jessica Alba Is Ready For `Valentine's Day`
Jessica Alba Is Ready For `Valentine's Day`

Video: Jessica Alba Is Ready For `Valentine's Day`

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Video: VALENTINE'S DAY Trailer #1 720p HD (Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba) 2023, January

Soon the romantic comedy "Valentine's Day", in which a good half of Hollywood starred, will start around the world.

And, to paraphrase the well-known saying - you love to act, love and advertise films, which is what Jessica Alba did the other day at the Beverly Hilton, where a press conference was held on the imminent premiere.

For her public appearance, Alba chose a dress from Peter Pilotto's spring collection, which she complemented with bracelets that repeat the print on the dress and imitate reptile scales. And the charming smile of the actress proved the simple truth - any woman just blooms when in love (I wonder what Jess will present to Valentine's Day her husband Cash Warren?).

In a conversation with reporters, Alba told why she began to learn Spanish. Some time ago, one publication wrote that despite its Mexican roots, Alba is very far from this culture. This upset Alba very much:

My words were misunderstood. I didn't mean to offend Hispanics. When the magazine came out, I didn't even know how to justify myself. I then cried all night in my room. Since then, I have tried not to touch on this topic in interviews and have been studying Spanish.

I know the basics, but I hired a teacher so that Aunor and I (Jessica's daughter - ed.) Could learn the language. I want to do films in Spanish. There are so many interesting stories associated with this culture. Latin American culture is a whole world, and I want to be a part of it …

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