Jessica Alba: Parisian Stranger Style

Jessica Alba: Parisian Stranger Style
Jessica Alba: Parisian Stranger Style

Video: Jessica Alba: Parisian Stranger Style

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Hollywood actress Jessica Alba usually embodies the style of high-paid movie stars, choosing form-fitting dresses, stylish accessories and high-heeled shoes for social events, and expensive T-shirts and even more expensive bags for everyday shopping or walking. However, upon arriving in Paris, Alba decided to abandon the Los Angeles look in favor of the classic Parisian stranger style.

The components of the image of the Parisian stranger are quite simple and accessible. The first is the beret, one of perhaps the most recognizable symbols of the French style. Of course, the idea is far from original, but the classic beret always remains an integral part of the wardrobe of almost every French woman.

The second secret of the French wardrobe is layers and neutral dark shades. Instead of a good old warm jacket, French women combine several wardrobe items at once - a sweater, a vest, a blazer, a scarf in the same color scheme. Skinny jeans or a miniskirt bring balance to the ensemble, which makes many clothes look less bulky.

Ballerinas are the favorite shoes of French women and are not only very comfortable, but also the perfect way to add flavor in the form of an original pattern or a bright shade. Finally, dark glasses complete the image of the Parisian woman - clearly illustrating the popular belief that every woman should have a mystery.

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