Jude Law's Minute Of Glory In Moscow

Jude Law's Minute Of Glory In Moscow
Jude Law's Minute Of Glory In Moscow
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No sooner had we told about the release of the film about Doctor Parnassus, as … Following the "Imaginarium", one of the main roles, Jude Law, arrived in Moscow. But the purpose of the visit is by no means cinematic. Jude became a guest star at the Martini party with the loud name "All that Glam". Since when did the Hollywood actor become a glamorous guy, it is not clear … However, on this occasion, not only many stars decided to gather, but also the crowd of the press.

As with most social events, the atmosphere around a big star is best described by the buzz in the press. As they say, the king is made by the retinue, or something like that.

Information about the upcoming evening began to leak into the media a few months ago, and then rumors spread that only a select few would be accredited. However, closer to the event, absolutely everyone received accreditation, judging by the number of photographers that crowded around the Center on Strastnoy, where, in fact, all the fuss took place. Moreover, upon arriving at the shooting location, we realized that accreditation was an unnecessary formality … The photographers were expelled from their place by the carpet for the iron fences, at some distance from it. Feeling not professionals, but a crowd of fans, we realized that anyone can come up and take pictures from our position. There is no security behind us and nothing prevents any onlooker coming from work to join our work. So the girls fainting by the name "Jude Law"you had a unique chance!

As time went on, the excitement intensified. For inexplicable reasons, the carpet runner was originally taken out by the organizers outside, which made it spicy at twenty-five degrees below zero. Beautiful young ladies in light silk evening dresses, in neat high-heeled shoes rushed like a bullet across the red carpet. Stop and pose for the press - it was beyond their strength, because in such weather you see only one goal in front of your eyes - warmth. And okay, girls, whose shoulders were often covered with fur capes and fur coats, though they were wide open, but men in evening dresses covered their shoulders only with thin elegant jackets.

The photographers waited for the culprit of the evening for about an hour and a half, which with such, frankly, not summer weather overboard, is very unpleasant. Without waiting for complete frostbite of the limbs, colleagues began to warm up with vodka and brandy. As a result, it turned out that the Russian "Cranes" won the party at the Italian Martini party! Laughter, laughter, but there was absolutely nothing to warm up the equipment, unlike us. Batteries were running out at the speed of light, cameras were freezing, autofocus worked with a noticeable delay, and the windows were sweating … In addition, fingers were so tight that their performance at a crucial and long-awaited moment was already questioned.

From what it turned out that by the time the celebrity arrived, our technique had completely gone crazy, and the task was already to make at least some picture of the actor. Finally, a black Mercedes drove up to the carpet, from which the same Jude Law in a neat tailcoat and bow tie stepped out. If it were not for winter outside, I would even admire its appearance. However, watery eyes, a restrained smile, and Jude's rapidly reddening nose spoke of obvious discomfort. Waving absently, Lowe strolled down the carpet for about a minute. Shy, freezing young man, short, with a sympathetic and apologetic expression on his face. That's all I could remember about meeting Jude Law. More short "date" with the star, in my memory, the press has not yet been provided.

Of course, on Mr. Lowe "life" on the red carpet did not end. The invitees still flocked to the Center on Strastnoy, but who cares now? The enraged press was blown away by the wind in the direction of the metro and nearby cafes in search of warmth. I also had the opportunity to be among the elite and go inside. However, despite my press badge, at the entrance I was stopped by face control. Dress code: floor-length evening gowns and shoes. The organizers did not plan to have a backpack with photographic equipment on their shoulders at all. Needless to say, my colleagues, most of whom were insulated with ski suits, were deprived of the opportunity to work at the event inside and capture Jude Law at the VIP table, even if they had official approval in their pocket …

Thus, this event marks the category of the most outlandish events of the high society. We learn more about the situation inside from the tweeters and blogs of Tina Kandelaki and Ksenia Sobchak, who in the absence of the press themselves decided to work as paparazzi and filmed some video sketches on their mobile phones. As for Jude Law, today he is expected in at least two more clubs: traditionally for foreign guests - in Opera, and on the second anniversary of one of the rooms in Sohorooms. But as they say, this is a completely different story … And let's hope that Jude's next visit will be on business, since will bring his own movie and talk to the delight of the press and fans about cinema, creativity, Hollywood and personal plans heart to heart!

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