"Sherlock Holmes" And A Little Mysticism

"Sherlock Holmes" And A Little Mysticism
"Sherlock Holmes" And A Little Mysticism
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Approaching the Pushkinskiy cinema, I somehow personally felt the mystical atmosphere of the action taking place around it. The lanterns dimly illuminated the pensive Alexander Sergeevich, and I felt a little uneasy. The long-awaited premiere of Sherlock Holmes directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, was due today.

The lively audience, who stood at the entrance to the cinema, stamped their feet in the light frost, waiting for them to be launched inside. The meeting with "Holmes" dragged on a bit. Among themselves, the audience discussed the views of the upcoming premiere. A journalist friend who was standing next to me, who had already seen the picture, praised the film.

A new interpretation of the immortal creation of Arthur Conan Doyle as interpreted by Hollywood creators from Warner Brothers rests on the main storyline of the film - the struggle of Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr. and his loyal friend Dr. Watson, played by Jude Law, with the forces of evil, personified by Lord Blackwood. In a desperate race to prevent Blackwood's deadly conspiracy, Holmes and Watson come into contact with the powerful forces of Darkness and, after incredible adventures, emerge victorious from this battle.

The premiere of the Hollywood film was attended by Philip Kirkorov, Oleg Fomin, Evelina Bledans with Stanislav Sadalsky, Renat Devletyarov with his companion, Vladimir Matetsky, Mikhail Gorevoy, Arkady Ukupnik with his wife. Evelina and Stanislav Sadalsky joked with journalists in full, and Philip Kirkorov, although he came to the very beginning of the film, took time to communicate with the press and willingly posed for photographers.

Evgeny Kolobov

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