FULL OLIMP Ilya Shiyan In The VFW Final

FULL OLIMP Ilya Shiyan In The VFW Final
FULL OLIMP Ilya Shiyan In The VFW Final
Video: FULL OLIMP Ilya Shiyan In The VFW Final
Video: Ilya Shiyan показ 4K (highimage.org) 2023, February

Whether the upcoming Olympics in Sochi, or the failure of the Russian team in Vancouver served as inspiration for designer Ilya Shiyan, or even the film "300 Spartans" or the announced premiere of "Clash of the Titans" brawny gladiators and splendid Amazons. The impression was complemented by a luxurious backdrop created by students of the Moscow Art Institute, symbolic columns and an Amazon frozen in one of them.

FULL OLIMP, FULL OLIMP, Vsёbudetolimpets (and in the same spirit further) - read the inscriptions on T-shirts with images of the Greek pantheons, famous statues and other cultural heritage, one way or another connected with Olympus and Olympias. The FULL OLIMPETS wearing a leather mask with eyelets showed a T-shirt "Sergey Zverev" on the podium. The fake stylist was done very convincingly! Sergei, it seems, even lent his double one of his legendary platforms, without which he has not appeared in public lately. However, one of the regulars of Shiyan's shows, the stylist himself, really appeared in the show - later.

After the T-shirts, the Amazons rolled out a large box and showed everyone the trick - how easily this "cardboard" box can be lifted with one hand. From which, a few seconds later, like a devil from a snuff-box, appeared … naturally, Dima Bilan. In the role of a model, he already feels no less familiar than in the role of a singer.

Casual clothes of the autumn-winter collection of SHIYAN 2010/11 season pleased me with creativity, clarity and non-standard cut, selection of material. For example, wonderful leather breeches breeches look like they are tanned leather with fur inside. If so, how warm and pleasant they should be to wear.

The combination of furs and leather in women's clothing, up to python skirts, leather-fur corsets, shaggy vests creates a sexually aggressive image of an Amazon that does not leave indifferent either women themselves (they are not averse to becoming such), or men. By the way, the cut and specific "patches" on the leather pants of men and women are also clearly with a sexual connotation …

The men got the less original and more familiar Shiyanovskaya clothes, in particular, black jackets. But the leather pants, in my opinion, in the men's part of Ilya's collection are extremely successful - they clearly look comfortable (not to mention interesting), and not at all inflexible, like the mass-market leather pants that young people often wear.

It was in such wide comfortable leather trousers that the newcomer of fashion shows, who was waiting for the whole audience, appeared on the podium - the real, genuine and not metaphorically called champion Nikolai Valuev. In the light of the searchlights, he was a little embarrassed, but he fulfilled his task with dignity.

However, not all jackets were black - I especially liked the blue-burgundy one that Bilan showed. By the way, it is perfect for girls.

However, this time the girls were even offered textile dresses - cocktail dresses with origami elements, and evening dresses - in one of them, the show "Miss Russia" Irina Antonenko finished.

The topic of the Olympics was closed by the way the Games usually open - by the right of the champion, Nikolai Valuev brought out the Olympic torch. Not real, of course, but beautiful. The participants in the defile, especially Dima Bilan, improved their opportunity to hold at least such an Olympic symbol. The show succeeded. Collection too. And the expression "complete Olympian", I am sure, will soon be heard everywhere.

I recommend watching the video - part of the show is not reflected in the photographs in any way, because little is obtained in the dark, and with strobes, you understand, the probability of catching light is negligible. And the show is worth seeing.

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