Merry: The Path To Understanding

Merry: The Path To Understanding
Merry: The Path To Understanding

Today in "Kinomir" in Nastasyinsky lane it was especially crowded - so that even the stars at the entrance had to literally squeeze past their colleagues and journalists. Who said that the topic of transvestites will not find fans? Where is there! Who just came to the premiere of the film "Veselchaki": Lolita Milyavskaya, Andrei Bartenev, Dima Bilan, Alexey Chumakov, Ilya Overbukh, Nikolai Tsiskaridze and many others.

The guests were greeted by the "princesses" from the drag show, so you could get into the atmosphere of the film even before the show, but the beginning was delayed. But neither the journalists nor the guests were bored. The paraphernalia of the "Veselchak" were generously presented in the hall: costumes, jewelry, wigs, and the interiors of the dressing room of the Rose troupe were recreated in the windows of the cinema.

I didn’t manage to watch the film itself to the end - alas, but for me the closure of the metro still plays a significant role - but the most part I watched was enough to say that there is no comedy here. The genre of "Veselchakov" is generally difficult to define. Perhaps, by the method of elimination, this is a drama. Not to be confused with tragedy.

The life of the characters in the film is ambiguous: in a collision with an external environment that differs from them, there is almost a tragedy, then a comedy (sometimes misunderstanding and scuffle, then shocking the villagers), and inside their circle and the world the heroes are happy. And we cannot say that we all do not live according to the same principle - we choose a circle of contacts and interests that suits us, where we feel comfortable, where we are understood, where we can also become a star. By the way, they are stars in their circle.

For an hour and a half of watching, the drag queen heroes never aroused negative emotions in me. But for "normal" people, as an empathic viewer, I was ashamed. For their weakness, limitation, inability to understand, inability to expand the scope of their consciousness beyond everyday standards. I don’t like narrow-mindedness at all - it’s too frightening because narrow-mindedness is aggressive in nature - and this is also evident in the film.

I do not think that the opinions of those who will watch "Veselchakov" will be the same. But the fact that male photographers at the premiere forgot about the incoming celebrity guests, constantly switching to the "Lady" actors walking in the foyer, says a lot …

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