Three More Covers Of The New POP

Three More Covers Of The New POP
Three More Covers Of The New POP
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After a long hiatus, POP magazine returns to the world of gloss. It turns out that the new issue, which became the first for Dasha Zhukova and her team, will be released with four different covers.

You've already seen the first cover. The heroine of the second was the same 13-year-old fashion blogger, known under the nickname Tavi.

The other two covers feature the work of renowned American artist and photographer Ed Rusch and renowned model Cicciolina. The magazine from Ruscha will be published in hardcover, with a circulation of only five hundred copies, and the cover with Cicciolina is intended for the Baltic countries.

In an interview with WWD, Dasha Zhukova said:

The story of the new POP begins at a pivotal moment for fashion, when the possibilities and potential for creativity are incredible.

The new era is more plastic than ever: here is a teenage girl in Chicago, fashion editors in Paris, a street photographer from Berlin, bloggers around the world … Now they are defining the fashion landscape.

The new POP number contains 316 pages, the price of one copy in rubles is about seven thousand rubles.

Inside, readers will find a story prepared by Tavi and four other bloggers about the best designers in London, The Channels photo session by legendary photographer Mark Borthwick, a fashion shoot at Yellowstone National Park, in which Kate and Laura Mullivy from Rodarte took part, and much more.

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