New Trend: Where To Buy Clothes From Dasha Zhukova

New Trend: Where To Buy Clothes From Dasha Zhukova
New Trend: Where To Buy Clothes From Dasha Zhukova
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Daria Zhukova presented a line of clothing under the Kova & T brand in Moscow. In fact, this brand is the product of a collaboration between Daria and her friend Christina Tan. The second half of the design duo was not at the opening, however, Polina Deripaska took on her share of fame, who, like Daria, was under the cameras' sights all evening.

Dasha Zhukova met the guests personally, sincerely rejoicing in everyone. "Are you in yours?" - one of the friends asked the designer. "Of course. You have to show it!" - Dasha responded. There was something to show - for the opening she chose a striped elongated T-shirt and shiny leggings.

Daria replied to the many compliments of those around her: "Thank you! Yes, I am talented …", while smiling sweetly.

At the party, loud and very fashionable music played, which could not leave anyone indifferent. "Dasha, Dasha, who is singing this?" - Polina Deripaska ran up.

"Oh … well, what about her … I have it on the disc. I'll give it to you" - Zhukova answered and did not deceive: about leaving the boutique, each guest received a "signature music" by Kova & T as a gift.

In the middle of the evening, it became so hot that the decorations could no longer withstand the tension: for example, a decorative edible cake collapsed extremely unexpectedly. The guests became interested in the event. However, even its proximity to the shelves with the collection did not overshadow the general fun.

Twenty minutes later, a second similar cake fell off. This time the one who was next to the restaurateur Alexander Sorkin. "All right, now everyone will write for sure that Sorkin dumped the cake!" - delighted one of the secular chroniclers. "It's not me!" - the restaurateur unlocked. “Well, it looks exactly like this,” a photographer of the Kommersant newspaper entered the conversation. "And it's still not me," Sorkin replied and spiced up the conversation with a savory phrase.

For secular chroniclers, by the way, the evening was seriously overshadowed by a brewing scandal among journalists: one of the famous photographers, like a bad dancer, was constantly interfered with by his colleagues working nearby. As a result, the reporter tried to create a scandal with the organizers, assuring everyone that he was not allowed to work. He was not embarrassed by the secular atmosphere of high society: right and left, cursing everyone with obscene language, the photographer rushed to the exit.

Nevertheless, the guests' impressions were mainly not from the scandal, but from the fact that three editors of fashion magazines gathered for the evening at once - Alena Doletskaya, Evelina Khromchenko and Shakhri Amirkhanova. These visits made the opening of the boutique a truly important event.

The long-awaited guest Roman Abramovich did not appear. The public remained unclear: either he is not interested in fashion, or his absence is confirmation of rumors about the breakup of the couple. By the way, there are rumors in the crowd that, contrary to the beliefs of the press, a week and a half ago, Roman and Daria were seen together in Yalta.

Slava Mirskaya

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