Dasha Zhukova Starts Sales At TSUM

Dasha Zhukova Starts Sales At TSUM
Dasha Zhukova Starts Sales At TSUM
Video: Dasha Zhukova Starts Sales At TSUM
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On October 25, on the third floor of TSUM, KOVA & T PARTY will take place, timed to coincide with the start of sales of the Kova & T brand in Centralny. Universal. Fashionable. For this event, the owner of the brand, designer Dasha Zhukova, is coming to Moscow.

The growing brand Kova & T was created by friends Dasha Zhukova and Christina Tang (ChristinTang). Now, having already managed to gain popularity in the West (when they did …), the brand will delight Russian fashionistas this fall.

The new Kova & T clothing line created by Zhukova and Tang is sold in 83 stores around the world and has already gained popularity among famous fans of their brand. Leggings from Kova & T became the hit of summer'2007, it was in them that the most sophisticated world fashionistas Misha Barton, Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sported.

Kova & T's fashion philosophy is simple. A stylish girl has an elusive "something" that makes her image the embodiment of perfection. Her hairstyle may not be perfect, but she carries a lovely Chanel handbag, or she pairs a stunning haute couture dress with used Nike sneakers. Every detail of her clothes serves for her as an expression of her feelings and feelings, and not a single item in her wardrobe attracts attention enough to distract you from the perception of the image as a whole.

Jeans and pullovers, trousers and shirts, T-shirts, skirts and dresses - everything that is characteristic of a relaxed casual style is offered by the young brand Kova & T. However, these simple garments acquire qualitatively new features and a more significant status in the interpretation of young designers Zhukova and Tang. Living in such megacities as Moscow and London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Dasha and Christina explain their choice in the following way: “The most important thing is form. The style is added by the person himself. We started with jeans. In the process of creating collections, we were more and more inspired, and now, Kova & T is a full-fledged line of women's clothing in casual and chic style."

Today, the kova & t clothing line includes: cashmere knitwear, wool jacket jackets and latex leggings. Style icons such as Carine Roitfeld, Vivienne Westwood and Emanuelle Alt are reference points for the creators of the Kova & T brand.

Designer Dasha Zhukova supports the Life Line, a Russian charity program for rescuing seriously ill children, which provides assistance to seriously ill children suffering from serious heart and brain pathologies. The program provides only "targeted" assistance - it pays for high-tech operations and the purchase of special devices, the use of which guarantees the recovery of young patients. All this can be done thanks to the help of caring people - donations from dozens of Russian companies and hundreds of individuals. Each of the guests of KOVA & T PARTY will be able to donate to children with heart defects and receive a Kova & T handbag, created by a young designer.

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