Daria Zhukova Opens A Boutique In Moscow

Daria Zhukova Opens A Boutique In Moscow
Daria Zhukova Opens A Boutique In Moscow
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Video: Roman Abramovich girlfriend opens boutique in Moscow 2023, February

Daria Zhukova has created her own clothing brand. The 24-year-old student appeared on the pages of Russian Vogue in Kov & T clothes (short for the names of Zhukov and Tan). Zhukova's business partner is the daughter of the Hong Kong billionaire and Shanghai Tang label owner David Christina Tan, according to the British The First Post.

At the age of nine, Dasha left Russia with her mother, Elena, who was offered a job as a microbiologist in the United States. Soon she went to school in Los Angeles: there her future business partner Christina Tan became her classmate. When Zhukova was not yet twenty, she turned down an offer to work with her father, who has an oil business in Russia, who was not enthusiastic about her idea of ​​working in the fashion industry. "But I was not interested in the oil business," she told Russian Vogue.

Dasha has become so Americanized that she even speaks Russian with an American intonation. In Los Angeles, she adopted the habit of not consuming flour and dairy products. She dresses in Chloe and Luella during the day and YSL and Prada in the evening.

Drew Barrymore and the Olsen sisters have already become ardent fans of the Kov & T brand, which is sold in 83 stores around the world. The most popular among buyers are DashSkinny jeans, which cost about $ 200.

The production of clothes is carried out in several large factories, one of which sews the entire denim line, the other - knitwear, cashmere products that are delivered from Hong Kong, orders for latex and tweed materials are made separately. Soon the Kov & T boutique will open in TSUM.

Russian Vogue editor Alena Doletskaya called Dasha a "fresh discovery" and a force to be reckoned with. She told The First Post: “Her relationship with Roman (Abramovich) and the way the press treats her does not help at all to understand her. The gossip of envious people casts a shadow on her image of a successful young professional. In life, she is much more attractive than in photographs: well-mannered, polite, incredibly feminine."

“Obviously Zhukova is a serious player in her own right.” She is very focused on her goals. She is a serious business woman who understands well the financial situation of her company. She is a worthy model for Russian girls: young, bright, rich, "Doletskaya believes.


Photo: Dasha Zhukova for VOGUE (etoday.ru)

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