The New Look Of Sergey Zverev's Salon

The New Look Of Sergey Zverev's Salon
The New Look Of Sergey Zverev's Salon
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Almost 100 meters of elite fabrics were ordered from Italy and Great Britain for the windows of Sergey Zverev's salon. Of the 2000 types of material, Zverev chose only a few - from polyester, silk and cotton. Now in the salon, each window is decorated in a special way.

“My pride is the front window. This is what the clients of my salon see immediately upon entering. It should be luxurious and expensive here. This corresponds to the level of my clients and guests,”Sergei Zverev told the correspondent of the National Industry Media Center.

The second floor and the VIP room are decorated in more restrained colors. It is dominated by pink and peach colors. In the halls where the masters work, the client should relax and rest. The designers recommended Zverev to create here a homely, cozy, but solemn, atmosphere.

The stylist and singer developed the sketch for the new design independently. To do this, I even had to take a pencil myself and sketch 27 drawings. True, the designer's help was still required. The flights of Zverev's fantasy sometimes had to be somewhat restrained exclusively by technical capabilities. According to the head of the design project for the salon Zverev, general director of Vedea ( Vera Dobrovolskaya, the “King of Glamor” immediately pointed out the scarlet silk fabric during the discussion of the project details. “At first we were shocked. The color is so bright that it dazzles in the eyes. But later they came to the conclusion that due to such coloring, the goal is fully achieved. It is shocking, bright and defiant. It is simply not possible to walk past such a window without noticing it,”added Dobrovolskaya.

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