Erotic Feat Of Zverev

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Erotic Feat Of Zverev
Erotic Feat Of Zverev

Video: Erotic Feat Of Zverev

Video: Erotic Feat Of Zverev
Video: Пающие трусы — Вова!"(Erotic version) [Backstage] 2023, December

Sergei Zverev at the next fashionable party almost won the title of "Man of the Year", imitated sexual intercourse with MTV host Marika and immediately shared his thoughts on what a real man should say before and after sex.

Zverev appeared at the Fashion TV Russi party in new fur boots, from which the fox's legs elegantly twisted into a knot were hanging, and with a new protege. To the audience, in addition to his painfully familiar creative heritage of two songs, he presented a duet with the young singer Kristina Sveshnikova. However, Sergei happily forgot about the girl immediately after singing the song, leaving her with a glass of champagne.

The attention of the chained top stylist and popular performer was drawn by the ladies at the stage tables. Singing his hit "Alla", Zverev crept up to MTV host Masha "Marika" Kravtsova and literally jumped on her, immediately beginning to imitate sexual intercourse, making vigorous reciprocating body movements.

The girl was at first taken aback, but then she herself decided to play along with the maestro and practically merged with him into a single whole. To the sounds of the chorus "What are you doing, Alla?" Sergei and Masha had already begun to undress, but then the song ended and Zverev briskly jumped "from heaven to earth" and drowned on his way to rest in the back of the hall.

However, in the course of the evening, he still managed to take part in the competition of male models and win the audience's sympathy prize. One of the contests was supposed to be a frank answer from participants, what they say to their sexual partner before and after sex.

And then Zverev flashed his originality:

- Before sex, I say, "Well, first I you, then you me", and after "Now, first you me, and then I you."

But even a sincere confession did not help Sergei, who, by the way, is claiming the Muz-TV award in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination, to take the main prize. This did not upset the maestro too much, and he spent the rest of the evening in the company of singer Sasha, discussing with her the advantages and disadvantages of the lucky finalists and looking with interest at his own brand new high fur boots.