On July 21, A Grand Show + Master Class Of Top Stylist Sergei Zverev Took Place In Moscow

On July 21, A Grand Show + Master Class Of Top Stylist Sergei Zverev Took Place In Moscow
On July 21, A Grand Show + Master Class Of Top Stylist Sergei Zverev Took Place In Moscow
Video: On July 21, A Grand Show + Master Class Of Top Stylist Sergei Zverev Took Place In Moscow
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Multiple winner of the national award `Ovation`, absolute European Champion, World Champion, Legend of hairdressing, ART director of WellDolores salon, Owner of fashion salon` Sergey Zverev`, Creative director of the women's / men's section of OMC (Organization Mondial Coiffure). For his birthday, top stylist Sergey Zverev presented all his colleagues and friends with an enchanting celebration of beauty, which lasted more than 5 hours on the stage in non-stop mode.

On the stage in front of the audience and the masters, Sergei Zverev held a master class in which he himself demonstrated the latest cutting and styling technologies, showed the main trends in the creative arts of hairdressing and for the first time showed a fragment of his new grand show. Luxurious outfits, fashion hairstyles, music and energy, the rhythm and hands of the master at work merge like a heartbeat. Hair & face Make up, hairstyles, clothes and accessories by Sergey Zverev.

In addition to the action created on the stage by the models, the show was at the same time a show of chic evening dresses and amazingly unusual men's suits, developed in the laboratory of Sergei Zverev.

The show consisted of several parts, with a different character of action, both emotionally and rhythmically and musically.

The collection was turned over by a whole string of evening hairstyles for long and medium hair. Sergey Zverev presented a fragment of the collection of hairstyles-hats and hats-accessories. Like thin plates with polished shine of hair, they decorate the neat heads of the models in different ways, bending the hat brims. Made on the basis of long hair, dark colors are stretched and styled in the form of hats. Black play of hairstyles-hats, fixed on the side with hairpins and varnish, they cast a romantic shadow on the face, and the curves of the brim repeat the gentle curve of the eyelashes to the rustle of which the models wear these luxurious hats on their heads. One after another, the image of an unearthly, inaccessible and sensual woman from Sergei Zverev appears before the viewer like a magic train. Unearthly work on long hair: a ball hairstyle in different styling options, hairstyles, hats, flying mohawks with different color weaves,styling, fixing. Red and blue strands like flames adorned the polished sphere hairstyles. Creative haircuts for medium length. With the release of each girl, the rhythm of the music and the play of laser beams intensify.

The era of super models is coming, in which individuality and brightness are important. Don't be afraid to be spectacular and beautiful. It is with such a mood that the new Moulin rouge collection is now being prepared, a small fragment of which was shown at the master class. Baroque decorations - rococo and expensive luxury. Returning to my last five-year collection `Brothel`, I created a Moulin rouge theme from it with big changes and additions. New dresses, new accessories and new colors. A small fragment, but it gave a fireworks of beauty and gave people the feeling of an approaching holiday. Few memories and a glimpse into the new collection next year. Explosion of colors - this is how the future collection can be called. Flashy expensive jewelry and luxurious costumes that accentuate beauty and individuality, elegant hairstyles and glitter.

Then came the fragments of the Kilt collection and, like the breath of the East, the fragments of the new collection with a lot of folklore and antique elements.

A bright atmosphere of beauty and luxurious hairstyles - this was the birthday of Sergei Zverev.

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