"C - The Fourth Octave " By Alina Assi

"C - The Fourth Octave " By Alina Assi
"C - The Fourth Octave " By Alina Assi
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Video: Confusing octaves: C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, F7 2023, February

The collection, shown by designer AlinAssi at Volvo Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2010-2010, is musically named “Up to the fourth octave …” Indeed, what can fashion as art be compared to? Only with a different art.

Real fashion - like a real symphony, fills the world with a variety of colors and feelings, gives a lot of meaning to simple things.

Violin, live singing, and Miss Russia 2010 Irina Antonenko as the star of the show - all this complemented and adorned the collection, as light as the fluff of clouds. Cashmere and the finest wool, silk and chiffon - the most pleasant and beautiful fabrics formed the material basis of the collection. I was pleased with the gradient coloring of fabrics - it is made by hand in the batik style.

And just as the melody of the violin breaks out of the symphony and becomes the leading one, drawing its own patterns of sound, so complex, careful and precious hand embroidery adorns Alina Assi's clothes.

Despite the fact that the collection is not very suitable for autumn and winter in our country - it would be better to show it on a cruise or in the spring-summer season, but it is never too early and never too late to replenish your wardrobe with a beautiful dress. After all, no one knows in what season and at what moment it will be useful to you.

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