Press Conference Of Industrial Design Star Karim Rashid At RFW

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Press Conference Of Industrial Design Star Karim Rashid At RFW
Press Conference Of Industrial Design Star Karim Rashid At RFW
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On April 3, at 15.15 at Russian Fashion Week, a press conference of the industrial design star Karim Rashid will take place together with the Gorenje company.

After collaborating with renowned Italian design studio Pininfarin and successful French designer Ora-Їto, Gorenje is betting on the talent and courage of the prolific designer and undisputed king of color, the man who made pink masculine, New York design star Karim Rashid.

At the invitation of Gorenje, Karim Rashid will visit Moscow, where, as part of Russian Fashion Week, he will present a new design line of household appliances Gorenje Karim Rashid. In honor of the twentieth season of Russian Fashion Week and the design line Gorenje Karim Rashid, on April 3, the famous designer will personally play an exclusive DJ set at a reception with the President of RFW.

The collaboration with Gorenje provided an excellent opportunity to fulfill Karim's long-held dream - to bring design into simple household items such as household appliances, to synthesize his fantasies with high technology and create a first-class collection of appliances that will amaze all the senses.

“I have long wanted to work with technology. I can say that I have gained a lot of experience in rethinking the banal. We increasingly put up with archetypes that have set the teeth on edge. Design is a reflection of modernity. Design is important for the world around us, for our daily life, objects, for everything around us, - says Karim Rashid and adds, - everything should be clothed in a beautiful form: from the cabin of the plane and a bottle of shampoo to money. We must decorate our planet, every corner of it."

Karim Rashid has developed products ranging from vacuum cleaners, furniture, children's toys, suitcases to televisions, perfume bottles and lighting. He has also been involved in interior design: hotels, clubs, etc., and now - Gorenje household appliances, which, by the way, he uses himself: “Recently, Gorenje has positioned itself as a brand focused on modern design. I have followed their successful collections with admiration. When they invited me to develop a new collection, it didn't take a lot of conversation to get the project off the ground. I have known this company for a long time, as I work a lot in Eastern Europe, and I have an apartment in Belgrade, which is equipped with Gorenje appliances."

Gorenje is also glad to cooperate with Karim Rashid. Here he is enchanted by his charisma and the bold colors he uses in his products. To create an elegant color image, LED technology has been used, which is regarded as an innovative lighting solution for the future.

The undisputed talent of the world renowned designer Karim Rashid and the high-quality workmanship of every piece by Gorenje, as well as the use of durable materials, are essential elements that have created a timeless collection. The collection was first presented at the IF communications and consumer electronics fair in Berlin this year and is expected to be launched on the market this December or early next year.

The Gorenje Karim Rashid collection is a minimalistic synthesis of functionality, technology, interactivity and clean lines. Vertical LED lighting is the unifying element of the collection and is complemented by an elegant graphic solution. Graphic elements are repeated on hobs, where functionality and design have merged into one. The color of the LED lighting for the oven and refrigerator can be changed with just one touch and create a certain atmosphere in the room, corresponding to the situation and mood.

The low power consumption and long lifespan of LEDs make them an economical and return on investment. LED technology allows designers and developers to infuse, accentuate, accentuate and combine architectural and design elements with powerful lighting. Gorenje is confident that this technology will have the same impact when used in the kitchen.

For accreditation to a press conference, you must send a letter marked "Karim Rashid" to the address: [email protected], tel. +7 (495) 967-9940

Karim Rashid is an internationally renowned industrial designer who has completed hundreds of projects around the world. This prolific designer and undisputed king of color from New York applies his talent in a wide variety of areas: furniture, architecture, lighting, kitchenware and - now home appliances.

From shoes to a giant chair, his sculptural and playful, rounded and vibrant, fashionable and sober style is completely in tune with today and the future. Karim Rashid has partnered with prestigious clients such as Issey Miyake, Prada, Alessi, Sony, Umbr and Bozart and has won many international awards such as Sleep05 for the renovation of the Semiramis Hotel in Athens.

Karim Rashid is a multiple winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, ID Magazine Annual Design Review, IDSIndustrial Design Excellence award, and honorary doctorates from the College of Art and Design of Ontario and the College of Art and Design of Corcoran. In 2007, the largest retrospective of Karim Rashid's work was organized at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Most recently, his exhibition Totally Rad: Karim Rashid does Radiators took place at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Karim Rashid is a frequent lecturer at universities and participates in conferences to promote the importance of design in everyday life.

Karim Rashid's work is featured in twenty permanent collections and has been exhibited in galleries around the world. More than twenty museums around the world have included his work in their permanent collection.

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