Icons: Exhibition Of Karin Roitfeld In Moscow

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Icons: Exhibition Of Karin Roitfeld In Moscow
Icons: Exhibition Of Karin Roitfeld In Moscow

Video: Icons: Exhibition Of Karin Roitfeld In Moscow

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Video: Carine Roitfeld /Карин Ройтфельд~..О моде,о себe.~a story about fashion, about themselves.... 2023, January

On September 2, at the cocktail party dedicated to the opening of the exhibition, visitors will be able to see and appreciate Karin Roitfeld's new photo project ICONS. Her ideas take images beyond the standard frames of stellar photographs. Each of them contains an exceptional fashion story. She has captured the main style icons of our day - from Jessica Chastain to Oprah Winfrey - in iconic pieces from the fall collections.

Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor, depicted by Andy Warhol, Dakota Johnson in a modern interpretation of Aphrodite, cutting the waves in a wetsuit, and other amazing transformations of well-known faces will soon be on the pages of the September issue of Harper's Bazaar.

The team, led by Karin Roitfeld and Stephen Hahn, was very lucky to have a talented photographer and graphic designer Jean-Paul Goode among their "own", usually not working with celebrities, but carried away by the very concept of the ICONS project.

"I was interested in how an authoritative character with a bright personality can fantasize about his image, which has nothing to do with the opinion that the public has about him," Goode admits in an interview with American Harper's Bazaar. "I just tried to interpret the vision they had of themselves as well as I could."

The ICONS project team, consisting of stylist Karin Roitfeld, creative director Stephen Hahn and photographer Jean-Paul Goode, harmoniously "fit" Elizabeth Taylor and Andy Warhol. It is to them that Katy Perry owes her new image.

The cocktail starts on September 2 at 19.00. Guests will enjoy pleasant music, a buffet table, a quiz and several surprises from Harpers Bazaar and Fashion Season TG.

Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor

“An icon is always something more than the era that gave birth to it. Liz was incredibly, even obscenely luxurious, while her style changed over time. Well, I plan to change husbands as often as she does!"

Mariah Carey as Marie Antoinette

"Actually, I am the complete opposite of Marie Antoinette, but I will not refuse a beautiful costume!"

Jessica Chastain as Jeanne D'Arc

“An icon is, first of all, a bright individuality. Joan of Arc rebelled against the norms and conventions of her time - I am inspired by her fearlessness"

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Diana Vreeland

"Diana was a truly powerful and influential woman who singlehandedly changed the fashion industry."

The exposition will be presented at

Okhotny Ryad, 2, Fashion Season TG, 1st floor.

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