Kirsten Dunst On Her Own Style

Kirsten Dunst On Her Own Style
Kirsten Dunst On Her Own Style
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The Marie Antoinette star, whose influence on haute couture is hard to overestimate, Kirsten Dunst is once again setting the tone for retro. Dresses and hats of her Colette McFarland are the ultimate dreams of every second woman this summer. And while fashionistas stuff wardrobes with pencil dresses, pastel shawls, discreet suits reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy's style and shoes with steady heels, what does Kirsten herself prefer to wear?

“Mom gave this ring to me on my 16th birthday,” says the actress, talking about the things she wears all the time, “she liked the frame, and her aunt liked the diamond. I never take it off. In general, I am one of those who, having bought a thing I like, wears it until it finally gets bored, therefore I do not update my wardrobe too often. I think when I get married or for an event just as significant,”she adds, smiling, after hinting at a recently purchased wedding dress from Chanel Couture,“I will prefer Rodarte.”

Far from couture in many ways, Kirsten Dunst's style is as light and charming as a laugh. And the dresses for "Two Faces of January" were also light and simple in many ways to her taste.

“I like cute, simple dresses when I'm on my own,” she says. - In my opinion, they are much more comfortable than jeans, although now almost everyone wears skinny jeans - it's fashionable. Sometimes I like to go out in full dress, but more often I prefer just comfortable and familiar things. It all depends on your mood."

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