Lena Knyazeva Presented Her Debut Album

Lena Knyazeva Presented Her Debut Album
Lena Knyazeva Presented Her Debut Album
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On the eve of the club "ISTERIKA" (on the roof of the shopping center "Evropeisky") Lena Knyazeva presented her first solo album. Moreover, the debut can be considered more than full-fledged - some of the songs are not only performed, but also written by Lena.

The album includes 13 tracks. The premiere of the title song of the album "So Tenderly" took place this winter on "Russian Radio". The album contains a large number of love songs, including the main hit "And you said", which held out for a long time at the top of the charts of the country's main radio stations.

Lena appeared in front of the guests in a delicate pink dress with an album in her hands, posed a little for the photographers and greeted the guests warmly, among whom were, for example, blondes from "The Brilliant", disappeared for a while, allowing the guests to pay attention to the treat. Because then everyone forgot about food, when the singer and artist appeared already in a black mini with a dance group to perform live all the songs that were included in her first album.

I must say that the album came out club-wise: arrangements in the spirit of "Modern Talking", unobtrusive lyrical text, a well-delivered voice with a good range and, most importantly, a sincere, soulful manner of performance. Undoubtedly, the album "So Tenderly" will find its listener.

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