Lena Lenina And A Dozen Geniuses

Lena Lenina And A Dozen Geniuses
Lena Lenina And A Dozen Geniuses
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The Russian-French writer Lena Lenina followed in the footsteps of the famous patrons of art Morozov, Mamontov and Tretyakov and brilliantly held the first charity event in Moscow in favor of poor young but brilliant Russian artists.

Non-public billionaires viewed the ingenious creations of new celebrities in art. Lenin's friends, people's artists of the country Larisa Dolina and Igor Nikolaev, by their presence at the event, actively voted for Lenina's noble undertaking. “It's just fantastic! There are no words!” Larisa Dolina exclaimed, admiring the works of young geniuses.

The first charity event "A Dozen Geniuses" took place thanks to the sponsorship of "Sergio Bellini" in the "Casino" restaurant on Novy Arbat.

Bari Alibasov, Ekaterina Shavrina, Nonna Grishaeva, Timur Batrutdinov, Polina Sibagatulina and Maria Medvedeva from Comedy Woman, Vladimir Berezin, Lena Kukarskaya, Kornelia Mango, Sergei Zverev admired the best works of the country's best artists, painted in high realism in different genres: portrait, landscape, still life and historical paintings. Sergei Zverev showed himself in an unusually noble role of a patron and bought three works by the artist Andrei Udelov at once.

Artists who participated in the charity event: Olga Grigorieva-Klimova (26 years old, Shchelkino), Oleg Ozhogin (24 years old, Moscow), Olga Dolgaya (30 years old, Starodub, Bryansk region), Victor Fedot'ev (32 years old, Fedoskino village, Moscow region), Andrey Udelov (28 years old, Penza), Sergey Trofimenko (26 years old, Kuznetsk), Alexander Lev (34 years old, Elektrostal, Moscow region), Maria Molodykh (30 years old, St. Petersburg), Andrey Dareev (32 years old, Semipalatinsk), Natalia Safronova (28 years old, Rostov-on-Don), Vasily Anikin (27 years old, Krasnoyarsk).

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