Lenin Prize Awarded

Lenin Prize Awarded
Lenin Prize Awarded
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Video: Soviet president Leonid Brezhnev was awarded a Lenin prize for literature in a Kremlin ceremony last 2023, February

On the eve of Vladimir Ilyich's birthday, the fashionable writer Lena Lenina presented the Lenin Prize to representatives of culture and business in the FBI Hall. This prize has been awarded in our country since 1925 and it was either canceled, then awarded twice a year, or forgotten for many years. And finally, she was revived through the efforts of the only legal bearer of the famous surname.

The glamorous version of the prestigious Soviet award is now a bronze angel standing on a stack of Leninist works of the leader of the revolution and his secular namesake. The speech of the hosts of the evening, Denis Kosyakov and Lena Lenina, was sprinkled with pearls: "The Lenin Prize can be earned by years of hard work or having slept with Lenina once." Or "The Lenin Prize is like oral sex - it's inconvenient to beg, but when you get it, it becomes very pleasant and it seems that life is a success!" Or else "The Lenin Prize as a woman's breast - two are better than one!", As well as "The Lenin Prize is like a condom - it does not interfere with love, but it also does not protect against star fever." Or "Lenin Prize winners have the right to sleep with Lenin, especially if they are young and muscular, the rest can kiss Ilyich in the Mausoleum."Or here's another "Lenin Prize as a tampon protects the image from accidents, and the reputation from stains!" "The Lenin Prize and the Order of Lenin have only one difference - one is hung on the chest, and the second is torn from the magnificent breast."

There were some incidents. Lenin's laureates Joseph Kobzon and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan were presented with leather armchairs made of solid oak, from the Belarusian manufacturer Loranmebel, but the stars could not lift, and even more so, carry away with them. Out of breath "members of the Party of Lenin" mistakenly handed the director of "Private Property" a gift from … "Private Property". A pleasant surprise for Lenina herself was the forcible presentation of the "Best PR Man of the Country" Prize to her at the suggestion of Marina Khlebnikova. The moment of silence in memory of the late Alexander Barykin, who was also supposed to receive the Lenin Prize that day, but did not have time, became a strong emotional moment of the evening. Lolita Milyavskaya cordially thanked Lenin for the participation and help that she provided to the deceased in the last months of her life. Tears were another touching momentthat came to the eyes of seventy-year-old Svetlana Svetlichnaya, when she was presented with jewelry: "Nobody gave me such expensive things for a long time." The red dress code was honestly observed by Nastya Zavorotnyuk, Natalya Gulkina, Alla Surikova, Irina Khakamada and the hostess of the evening - she sported a purple-satin dress invented for the Sergio Bellini brand by fashion designer Natalia Bakh.

And here are the 2011 Lenin Prize winners:

"The Legend of Variety" - Joseph Kobzon

"Cream of the Year" - "KLAPP"

"The Legend of Cinema" - Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Jewelry Network - Your Gold

"Singer of all times and peoples" - Anna Veski

"Chain of Boutiques" - "Sergio Bellini"

"Legend of Sports" - Vyacheslav Fetisov

"Watch of the Year" - "Christian Jacques"

"Russian Fashion" - "YanaStasia"

"Jewelry Innovation" - "Private Property"

"TV presenter" - Nastya Zavorotnyuk

"Furniture" - "Laurent-Furniture"

"Means for Slimming" - plasters "Fleur de Lis"

"Political TV Journalist" - Mikhail Leontyev

"Pleasure for the body" - "Egomania"

"Full house 2010" - Lolita Milyavskaya

"Health" - Water filters "Barrier"

"Scientific Innovation" - Cultured Diamonds "Magic Crystal"

"Jewelry Designer" - Alexander Stempovski

"Producer" - Bari Alibasov

"Condom of the Year" - the thinnest "Okamoto"

"People's Artist" - Ekaterina Shavrina

"Film Director" - Alla Surikova

"Legend of Disco" Natalia Gulkina

"Speaker of the Year" - Irina Khakamada

"The Sex Symbol of Soviet Cinema" - Svetlana Svetlichnaya

"Youth of Hair" - ALCINA

"Artist of the Year" - Vitaly Grafov

"Sculptor of the Year" - Karen Sarkisov

"Abstraction of the Year" - Golden Elena

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