Defile "from Lena Lenina" For Sergio Bellini

Defile "from Lena Lenina" For Sergio Bellini
Defile "from Lena Lenina" For Sergio Bellini
Video: Defile "from Lena Lenina" For Sergio Bellini
Video: Елена Ленина (Elena Lenina) - Бал-Маскарад в Sergio Bellini 2023, February

For a long time I had not been to events "from Lena Lenina" - there were always more decent alternatives, and the night before I decided to go, since the announcement of the event sounded quite a worthy fashionable name. What a misleading impression!

The level of the event was already indicated by the fact that the day before everyone was informed that the venue had changed. As a result, a crowd of people gathered in the Casino restaurant on Novy Arbat, who had long tried that "Lenina's" you can shoot stars, hang out with them, and that they usually "feed" there.

The show consisted exclusively of "stars": here are the regulars of Lenina's parties - Prokhor Chaliapin, Nastya Makarevich, Evelina Bledans, and "newcomers" - Nikita Dzhigurda with his wife, Barry Alibasov (with the entire Na-Na group), Pierre Narciss and others … Angelina Vovk and Lolita preferred not to go out and sit in the first row, where Lenina herself sat in a bright pink dress, with a "dowry" from the Estet jewelry house - a microphone in diamonds, and with a tall baroque hairdo (according to the style I would suggest that from Oleg Tarnopolsky). From this position, it was more convenient for her to announce the stars entering the path.

The light, you know, was not for a fashion show, but an intimate twilight for the establishment. And even the fact that the "models" stopped under a group of chandeliers did not save the situation - and Tarzan, undressed at the request of Lenin, nearly knocked one of them down, famously twisting Sergio Bellini's removed shirt.

In a word, if it is possible to make a fashion show absolutely non-fashion, then Lena Lenina, as a producer, succeeded enchantingly. Photos won't let me lie, that's why they were made. As soon as the defile was over, I packed my camera and hurried to get out of this place. I don’t know what the “name” should be, which will appear in the announcement of the event next to Lenin, so that I would go to her again …

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