Victoria's Secret: Genre Crisis?

Victoria's Secret: Genre Crisis?
Victoria's Secret: Genre Crisis?
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Video: How Victoria's Secret Lost Its Grip | WSJ 2023, February

MirandKerr joined the ranks of models who said goodbye to Victoria's Secret in 2015. The new contract, to which rumors attributed the amount of $ 4 million, turned out to be nothing more than a fiction. Victoria's needs new faces more than ever. In itself, the gradual change of girls is not unusual. But from February to June, the brand lost not the stars of the old line-up, but the young fashion models and models on whom the most daring hopes were pinned.

“The recent talk of a new contract between Victoria's Secret and Australian model MirandKerr,” a brand spokesman told People, “is untrue. For our part, we have no idea what could have caused them. We highly appreciate everything Miranda has done to develop the brand, and what she is doing now, already for her own projects, is inspiring. But neither from her side, nor from Victoria's Secret, there are no plans to resume cooperation.

Neither Alessandr Ambrosio nor AdrianLima, who have decided to stay with the brand for as long as their fans allow, will not even pull the show for a couple. The return of MirandKerr is not planned; not to mention Gisele Bundchen. Of the old four, only Naomi Campbell could have worked with Victoria's, but what's the point for both sides?

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