Mischa Barton Is Shocked By His Thinness

Mischa Barton Is Shocked By His Thinness
Mischa Barton Is Shocked By His Thinness
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Sunken cheeks, sunken eyes, a very tight waist and protruding bones … The audience is already accustomed to the shocking antics and scandals of Hollywood actress Misha Barton, but this is already too much. In just six months, the famous girl turned from a slightly overweight starlet into a reed girl.

Last year, the tabloids vied with each other about the pronounced cellulite on Misha's stellar thighs. According to the observations of journalists, Misha began to rapidly gain weight after leaving the series "Lonely Hearts". In one year, a slender girl from Barton turned out to be an impressive lady with a 12th clothing size. And in the summer, the girl accidentally demonstrated the features of her figure to the paparazzi while on vacation in Australia. And so it began. The tabloids raised panic and cited the opinions of experts, discussing the topical question: "Where does the" orange peel "of the 22-year-old beauty come from?"

Most experts agreed that the reason for the appearance of cellulite is bad habits. After all, it was not often possible to see Barton without a pack of cigarettes.

In response to the attacks, the actress invariably replied that she did not care how she looked and what others thought of her. But judging by the current figure of Misha, she is quite sensitive to the public's responses. If you compare the current photos of the star with the pictures of last year, but the difference is obvious.

According to rumors, Misha was so upset because of the criticism that she decided on a tough weight loss program. As a result, in six months she managed to lose weight by three sizes.

But, unfortunately, such thinness does not suit her at all - sunken cheeks, a pointed chin and protruding collarbones can hardly attract the healthy attention of fans. It looks like the actress will have to listen to the advice of compassionate experts again.

However, in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Misha continues to insist that she does not care at all how others react to her appearance.

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