Tatiana Mikhalkova's Charitable Foundation "Russian Silhouette" Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Tatiana Mikhalkova's Charitable Foundation "Russian Silhouette" Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
Tatiana Mikhalkova's Charitable Foundation "Russian Silhouette" Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
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On June 27, 2016, within the framework of the Moscow International Film Festival, the anniversary of the Tatiana Mikhalkova Charitable Foundation "Russian Silhouette" was held. The guests were greeted by Tatyana Mikhalkova, President of the Russian Silhouette Foundation, and Alexander Mitroshenkov, its founder.

“We have talents, we have something to be proud of and dress not only for the red carpet. I would like Russian designers to go into production, put shoes on and dress for you and me,”said Tatyana Mikhalkova, president of the Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation.

The evening hosted a special screening of Russian couturier Valentin Yudashkin "Dedicated to Movie Stars". The designer presented haute couture models from various collections created by him over the past twenty years: "Actresses of the War Years", "Anna Karenina", "Art Deco", "Russian Avant-garde", "Day and Night", "Flower", "Black and white "," Elizabeth "and" Cabaret ". High fashion outfits were presented not only by fashion models, but also by famous actresses, singers and TV presenters. Among them: Anastasia Makeeva, Zara, Marina Orlova, Angelica Agurbash, Anna Snatkina, Nastasya Samburskaya, Olesya Fattakhova, Anastasia Shubskaya, Anna Mikhailovskaya, Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Ksenia Guseva, Ksenia Berzina. Each of them appeared in a unique way. The models from the presented fragments of the collections seemed to transport the guests of the evening to different historical epochs: as if several centuries ago,and in different periods of the twentieth century.

Young designers also showed their collections at the evening: Angelica Kirillina (Bohemian Yakutia collection) with musical accompaniment by the Oloks collective, Anna Bulatova from the University of Design and Technology (the Geometry of Sound collection) and Anna Rachkova from the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Academy of Arts (collection Apriori).

That evening, the entire capital's elite gathered at the show of the eminent couturier. Among the guests were: Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Artem Mikhalkov with their daughter Natasha, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Igor Gulyaev, Oleg Ovsiev, singer Valeria, Iosif Prigogine, Irina Lachina, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Victoria Andreyanova, Vera Glagoleva, Alisa Tolkacheva, Alla Verber, Elena Kondulainen, Nelly Kobzon, Alisa Tolkacheva, wife of couturier Valentin Yudashkin Marina with her daughter Galina and her husband Peter Maksakov, Italian Ambassador to Russia Cesare Maria Ragaglini and many others.

As musical accompaniment, the evening was decorated with performances by Valeria, Angelica Agurbash, the finalist of "Voice-Children" Laura Grigorieva and the most fashionable and unique project that charges everyone with crazy energy - DJ S-brothers-S.

The evening was hosted by the famous TV presenter Tatyana Savina. Her outfits were provided by designers Alina Podgurskaya and Julia Mayer.

The general sponsor of the evening was VTB Bank.

We would like to thank the partners of the evening: Advance-Auto company, official BMW and MINI dealer in Russia, Diarsi group of companies (ROCS brand), LEBO Coffee, Estel Professional company, Dessange premium beauty salon, PION models agency, flower house Lara Gift ".

Media partners of the evening: Andrey Malakhov's StarHit magazine, Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, World Fashion Channel and Fashion One TV channels, Fashion collection and Eclectic magazines, Internet portals: Geometriya.ru, Lady.ru, Intermoda.ru, FashionTime.ru, ModaNews.ru, Pyatnizza.com, Russmodamag.ru, FashionEducation.ru, Life-InStyle.com, Yavmode.ru.

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