Companies Pin Their Hopes On Celebrity Perfume

Companies Pin Their Hopes On Celebrity Perfume
Companies Pin Their Hopes On Celebrity Perfume
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The celebrity fragrance trend is gaining momentum with more celebrities turning to the perfume industry. In the very near future, a whole series of similar products will appear, including M by Mariah Carey; L by Gwen Stefani; Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker, followed by the actress's first perfume, Lovely; a men's fragrance from the singer Usher, and the first fragrance for women from Sean Combs - Unforgivable for Women.

According to all forecasts, the "star" perfume this year will significantly increase the growth of the industry as a whole - despite the fact that last year perfume sales for women decreased by 17%, although the release of products from various kinds of celebrities increased 10 times compared to 2003. Analysts at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Capital Markets, based on reports from beauty companies including Elizabeth Arden and Revlon, claim that celebrities are significantly supporting sales of beauty products. Mariah Carey alone with her new scent should cause a noticeable increase in sales: according to research by Elizabeth Arden, 90% of African American women living in the United States are very supportive of the singer. Carey is also highly quoted in the UK and Spain.

Micheline Jordan, vice president of Macy's in New York, says the celebrity perfume category has become a "trendy" element in the perfume business. "Star" fragrances sell well, but they depend on how many customers associate themselves with the image of the star, "her style and what she has to offer." However, the most influential position is occupied by products from global brands such as Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

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