Marilyn Monroe's Secret Weapon

Marilyn Monroe's Secret Weapon
Marilyn Monroe's Secret Weapon
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The star of the post-war world cinema, the first "sex bomb" of the twentieth century was not naturally endowed with luxurious forms. The dizzying neckline and slender waist were artfully "modeled" by the lingerie used in the arsenal of strippers and burlesque artists.

A shaping bra and a pair of Dior silk stockings, owned by Marilyn Monroe, were recently auctioned in the UK. With a height of 163 cm, the volume of the chest-waist-hips was about 92-57-90 cm. With this, frankly, not very impressive breast size, the actress needed special underwear.

The presented rarity explains the reason for Monroe's phenomenal bust: the breast support system resembles the engineering structure of a "hanging" bridge, and the double cup increased the volume from A to D. At the same time, the open upper chest left the impression of a natural body shape. The cup shape is tapered to match the 1950s fashion.

Richard Davie, a spokesman for the International Auction Organization, said that “the bra looks more complicated than it really is. An additional system of straps and a volumetric cup, which increase the volume of the chest, have been introduced."

Hollywood is preparing for the largest in the history of the "factory of stars" auction of costumes and props. Admirers of the actress's talent can also get the famous pink dress of Marilyn from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", the starting price is $ 272,000. And after her mysterious death, her name is a well-selling commodity.

Norma Jean Baker was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles. She did not know her father, and her own mother gave the 6-year-old baby to a foster family. Norma fled from the hell of the “family nest” at the age of 16, where she sipped another joy.

Recognition for, already Marilyn Monroe, came from American soldiers in 1944, when she began filming for postcards for a war photographer. The valiant warriors flooded the management of film companies with requests to film Marilyn in some film.

In 1948, "XX Century Fox" signed a contract with her and the film "Chorus Girls" was shot. For 15 years of her cinematic career, the actress starred in 30 films! She founded her own company, Marilyn Monroe Production, where she was both president and majority shareholder.

Of Monroe's three marriages, the happiest was the last, with writer and director, Arthur Miller. Marilyn dreamed of a strong family and children, she knew well how she would raise them, but this dream was not destined to come true.

Chronic fatigue, creative dissatisfaction, constant struggle with one's own body, drug overdose and stress from communicating with the Kennedy brothers - not a complete list of the causes of the mysterious death, with a telephone receiver in hand, of the most desirable and lonely woman of the 20th century.

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