Jimmy Choo Unveils New Ad Campaign With Nicole Kidman

Jimmy Choo Unveils New Ad Campaign With Nicole Kidman
Jimmy Choo Unveils New Ad Campaign With Nicole Kidman

Video: Jimmy Choo Unveils New Ad Campaign With Nicole Kidman

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Video: Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2014 with Nicole Kidman 2023, January

London, July 1 - Jimmy Choo unveils the Fall / Winter 2013 ad campaign featuring Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman. In the shooting of photographer Michael Jensson, Nicole appears as a fatal seducer, like a noir heroine of Hitchcock's films, combining power and femininity. The advertising campaign, which will be released in August, is accompanied by a short film.

“Nicole is exactly in the mood for our Fall / Winter 2013 collection. Her personality captures the versatility of the woman who symbolizes Jimmy Choo this season - seductive, strong, sexy, mysterious,” - Sandra Choi, Creative Director.

“I really enjoyed playing the role of 'femme fatale'. With Michael, we understood each other almost perfectly, because his work is largely based on intuition. He knows what I think, what I feel and is able to convey it through the camera. "- Nicole Kidman.

Scene I: A photographer captures Nicole in an intimate moment. The real incarnation of the femme fatale, she looks seductively at the camera. You cannot resist the charms of the seducer who controls your attention. She is wearing fine burgundy mesh ankle boots (model DANE), and graceful fingers hold a CIGGY envelope bag. Outside the window, the low winter sun illuminates the snow-white birch grove, emphasizing the mysterious seclusion of this place.

Scene II: As if through a keyhole, the camera peeks at Nicole. She is dressed in a man's starched white shirt, the simplicity of her look is ideally combined with luxurious shoes (model TALAN) with a T-strap and a small bow, with a pointed stiletto heel. She strokes her ankle provocatively without taking her eyes off you. Detachment from the world, disconnected phone …

Scene III: Nicole stands next to an abandoned sports car on a deserted forest road. You are drawn to her, she fascinates. Model TAMB's black leather boots wrap her legs like a second skin. A motorcycle bag (model BLARE) hints at the journey ahead.

Movie backstage:

Model: Nicole Kidman

Director of photography: David Davlin

Photographer: Michael Jensson Stylist: Julia Vaughn Bem

Hairdresser: Garren Makeup Artist: Mark Carasquillo

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