Michelle Obama's Shorts Rocked America

Michelle Obama's Shorts Rocked America
Michelle Obama's Shorts Rocked America
Video: Michelle Obama's Shorts Rocked America
Video: Michelle Obama in Short Shorts at the Grand Canyon? 2023, February

The authoritative fashion magazine Vanity Fair ranked her among the group of the most exquisitely dressed women in the world, along with Carla Bruni and the Spanish princess Letizia. However, the first lady of the United States is able to look great not only in couture outfits. For several days now, the leading media have been discussing the unheard-of courage of Mrs. Obama - her appearance in shorts. However, the act seems reckless only at first glance.

She has repeatedly demonstrated her moderately pumped up shoulders. Now it's time for equally athletic legs. Michelle Obama wore shorts on a Grand Canyon tour last weekend. And now all of America, together with leading fashion critics and columnists, is discussing the fashion crime of the first lady.

Some consider Michelle's act "disgusting" and completely inconsistent with her status as the hostess of the White House and one of the most stylish ladies on the planet. “Completely inappropriate. Models, actresses, athletes can still flaunt themselves and be the subject of discussion. But staring at the bare feet of the country's first lady? And this extraordinary, talented, educated woman found herself in a whirlpool of stupid comments,”some business publications are indignant.

However, there were also many supporters of Michelle. “Just think for a minute: what was she supposed to wear during the excursion? Tweed suit? Ball gown? What do you wear in such cases? Be that as it may, but this is a completely normal choice, even for the first lady. This is a neutral, classic shorts pattern,”writes the LTimes columnist.

Also, some journalists suggest that Michelle chose a costume that was too bold for the first lady for a reason. They say that the Americans are not too happy with how Barack Obama is taking the country out of the crisis, and therefore the wife decided to distract the public from criticizing the president.

It is not yet clear how the experiment with clothes will affect the rating of the head of state, but sociologists have already calculated that 57% of US residents liked the legs of his wife.

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