Olga Kurylenko - The Next Milla Jovovich?

Olga Kurylenko - The Next Milla Jovovich?
Olga Kurylenko - The Next Milla Jovovich?

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Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko continues to actively conquer Hollywood. The performer of the role of the James Bond girl has already developed her own image, and some publications compare her with Milla Jovovich. Recently there were new photos of Olga from the set of the historical thriller "Centurion". In a word, the career of an actress is steadily going uphill.

Olga Kurylenko continues to win her rightful place in the "dream factory". She is currently filming the historical thriller Centurion in Scotland. The film is directed by renowned director and screenwriter Neil Marshall, who directed the action blockbuster Doomsday (2008) and the thriller Descent (2005). The film is based on the ancient British story of the Ninth Legion's war with the Picts (Scots).

“Her family was brutally murdered by the Romans, her tongue was cut out herself, she went through hell and thirsts for the blood of her offenders,” the director introduced Olga's heroine in an interview with Empire magazine.

While at the shows in Paris as part of Fashion Week, Olga admitted to reporters that she is happy without men and is indifferent to money. The girl said that she still has not spent her royalties for shooting in the film "Quantum of Solace".

Meanwhile, the newspaper "Dni.ru" notes that Kurylenko's Hollywood career resembles that of the famous Milla Jovovich. In addition to the Slavic roots, the girls are brought together by the performance of characteristic roles. At one time, Milla became famous in the role of a fighting girl, capable of dizzying stunts ("The Fifth Element", "Resident Evil", "Ultraviolet"). Now, after playing the role of the belligerent Camilla in "Quantum of Solace", Olga also began to get the role of "real fighters."

True, the majority of viewers still continue to perceive the actress as a "priestess of love". Recently, Manofest.com magazine published a top 10 movie heroines who played prostitutes. The list includes Mira Sorvino, Pamela Anderson, Patricia Arquette, Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron. However, Olga Kurylenko, who played Nika Boronina in Hitman, Natasha Sachs in Max Payne and other characteristic heroines, became the leader.

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