Pamela Anderson Nude On The Catwalk

Pamela Anderson Nude On The Catwalk
Pamela Anderson Nude On The Catwalk

How to get naked correctly? The main thing is to do it with pleasure, says Hollywood sex symbol Pamela Anderson. Indeed, the famous model and actress, despite her 42 years old, easily undresses in public. And her friend, the designer Richie Rich, did not have to persuade Pam to take part in the show of her fashion collection for a long time.

In hot pink thongs and black high heels, Pamela paraded on the catwalk as part of the Richie Rich show. Without changing her role, the actress came out almost naked. Behind the translucent scarf, one could easily see the star bust, and Anderson did not even bother to cover her rear.

“Indeed, I prefer to be naked,” Pam told reporters. "But since we do have to wear clothes, why not make it fun?"

Meanwhile, according to the tabloids, Anderson's current financial situation can hardly be called fun. Rumor has it that the star is on the verge of ruin, and the total amount of her debts is about a million dollars.

So, the company engaged in the renovation of the Anderson mansion in Malibu demands from the actress 674 thousand dollars for finishing work, materials and expenses of subcontractors, which the actress, according to the plaintiffs, never paid. At the same time, the renovation of the house was completed back in 2008. The head of the construction firm has already told the press that he is ready to deal with the sex symbol in court. Nevertheless, the actress herself recently announced her desire to move with her family to a renovated mansion.

Plus, the actress also needs to pay off tax arrears of more than 250 thousand. And the company Mini-Haulers still has not received from Anderson "miserable" $ 1975 for the removal of construction waste from the territory of the mansion of the star.

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