Patrick Demarchelier Celebrates His Birthday

Patrick Demarchelier Celebrates His Birthday
Patrick Demarchelier Celebrates His Birthday
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The great photographer turned 71 yesterday. His influence on the art of photography and contemporary fashion cannot be overemphasized. An innovator and brilliant portraitist, he created thousands of photographs, each of which can rightfully be considered a manual for the photographer's craft. In honor of the maestro's birthday, we recall his own words.

- It seems to me that the secret of success is that I work hard. At the heart of my life philosophy is the ability to enjoy every moment.

- I moved up the career ladder slowly. I got one job, then another that was better, and so on. I worked hard and hard. And it still happens like this.

- Behind my shoulders there was no special education, only the school of life. I learned something new, constantly filming, over and over again. I've made a huge number of mistakes, but they learn from mistakes. Being a photographer is like being an athlete: constant training is essential.

- Every woman looks more beautiful and more like herself in the Demarchelier lens.

- I think I was the one who changed her (Princess Diana's) image. Up to this point, all photographers have filmed her in a very formal setting. Too much makeup, tight poses, evening gowns. I just wanted to show what she was. The photographs were for her only. But then Diana liked them so much that she allowed them to be published.

- When you are a fashion photographer, you should be inspired by a dream. With Dior Haute Couture, all dreams are here.

- Beauty is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes wider.

- Each shot is a graphic portrait of a woman, classic, but at the same time very modern and dynamic, revealing the flexibility and beauty of the naked body.

- I try to create an atmosphere in which a person feels at ease. I don't like the feeling that there is a camera between me and the subjects, so I do my best to make them forget about it.

- My style is what allows people to express themselves. It doesn't matter where you live, what you work, the main thing is to remain yourself. You cannot become even more natural, nor can you become more stylish.

- Russian beauty is sex, as well as an amazing mixture of contrasts. There are so many beautiful women in Russia, and not only among models.

- Nobody is perfect and everyone is beautiful.

- Any, even the most famous model is, first of all, an ordinary person. I work with all people in the same way, celebrities or not. Couture dresses are another matter. They are made by hand, a lot of time and effort was spent on them, they are made of extraordinary fabrics. When you work with dresses like this, you begin to better understand the meaning of the word "haute" in the phrase "haute couture".

- I try to identify a character in each of my models and emphasize some specific features. But actors sometimes have to be asked not to play too much. Everything works out as soon as they relax and begin to be themselves. After all, they are also ordinary people.

- My dog ​​is my best model. Puffy's portrait is published in one of my books. My wife says that I have never done a better portrait in my life.

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