Ravshana Kurkova - Face Of MEGA STYLE SS12

Ravshana Kurkova - Face Of MEGA STYLE SS12
Ravshana Kurkova - Face Of MEGA STYLE SS12
Video: Ravshana Kurkova - Face Of MEGA STYLE SS12
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This spring, actress Ravshana Kurkova will become the face of the Fashion Weeks in MEGA project and will take part in the shooting for MEGSTYLE SS12 magazine. Hollywood expert Leslie Freemar and her Russian counterpart Ksenia Berezovskaya will be stylists for the new season.

The images that the stylists will create will be presented by the face of the project - Ravshana Kurkova. For the actress, this is not the first experience of being a "cover person": she has repeatedly participated in filming for such magazines as VOQUE, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, Elle, Marie Claire. Glamor magazine named Ravshana "Fashionista of the Year".

“It was very interesting and pleasant for me to work with the wonderful team of Fashion Weeks in MEGA - stylists Leslie Freemar and Ksenia Berezovskaya and photographer Danila Golovkin. This is not my first photo session with Ksyusha and Danila - we are always incredibly happy to see each other. You can see the result of our work very soon. I hope you will enjoy!" - says Ravshana Kurkova.

The photo session of Ravshana Kurkova, made by the famous fashion photographer Danila Golovkin, will be included in the second issue of MEGSTYLE magazine and will be presented in all MEGA shopping centers in Moscow and the regions.

"Fashion Weeks at MEGA" will be held from March to May 2012. The program of the project will be special in each region and will tell MEGA visitors all over Russia about the fashion trends of the season.

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