ZARINA By Renata Litvinova: "The Magic Of Reincarnation"

ZARINA By Renata Litvinova: "The Magic Of Reincarnation"
ZARINA By Renata Litvinova: "The Magic Of Reincarnation"
Video: ZARINA By Renata Litvinova: "The Magic Of Reincarnation"
Video: Рената Литвинова коллекция одежды ZARINA 2010 2023, February

On March 18, Renata Litvinova will open an exhibition of photographs dedicated to the release of the spring-summer collection of Zarin & Renata Litvinov. The exhibition will be accompanied by a video recollection of how this photo session took place in the historical interiors of the St. Petersburg House of Scientists - a former mansion that belonged to the royal family, in which the interiors have been preserved intact to this day, which makes these photographs truly unique.

“This spring collection is my favorite and, in my opinion, the best. In it, finally, I was able to express the mystery, fabulousness, and originality of any Russian woman who could wear it, and at the same time combine it with simplicity, elegance, relevance and quality. I am really proud of our result and I myself am looking forward to the release of our collection in order to buy these necessary outfits for myself and my loved ones."

The new capsule collection is unique for its combination of Russian ornaments - designs from old Zhostovo trays were repeated on the fabrics of the products - and at the same time with the trademark retro chic, quotes from the golden times of fashion in the 40s, 50s and even 60s, when the basic flawless classics. And our spring collection is once again returning to proven classic elegance.

Mysterious Russian beauty with elements of the East, fabulousness, royal interiors and refined elegance, appropriate laconicism intertwined in the rich images of the photo session. These weaves are crowned by the always unpredictable Renata, who this season continues to represent the ZARIN & Renata Litvinova brand.

The embodiment of boundless beauty in the frame was made possible by the hand of the famous French photographer Ali Mahdavi, who worked with such fashion houses as Thierry Mugler, Piaget, Ungaro, Cartier and others.

In the frame, Renata appears in the images of the mistress of the copper mountain, a royal person, inaccessible and at the same time incredibly fragile, sensual lady.

The main colors of the spring-summer 2010 collection are grass green, muted red, metallic gray and classic black.

Pleated skirts, velvet jackets lined with silk fabrics with ornaments, laconic blouses and incredibly feminine dresses "live" in their fabulously sparkling space of natural fabrics. Satin open-toed shoes, classic lacquered pumps with heels, fabric bags with flower patterns, as the pride of the collection, and, finally, the most exquisite scarves with mesmerizing bird and cat patterns are a great addition to the main collection.

The ZARIN & Renata Litvinova collection will go on sale in March and will be available in all ZARINA stores.

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