Autumn-winter With Renata Litvinova

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Autumn-winter With Renata Litvinova
Autumn-winter With Renata Litvinova
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This fall, the star of Russian cinema Renata Litvinova is presenting her new exclusive collection - a continuation of a bright and successful alliance with the ZARINA brand.

“I have been given a unique creative freedom, to do something beautiful, as it seems to me, - says Renata - I was surrounded by creative like-minded people”.

In the new fall / winter 2009-2010 season, the actress focuses on the elegance inherent in all Russian women. In the perception of Litvinova, style and elegance are concepts that "do not break".

Most of the models of the new collection are made in black - after all, it is he who is the favorite among Russian women and is always associated with style. The main trends of the season, embodied in the collection, are sustained in black: in a leather jacket a la "aviator", dresses and coats with astrakhan collars, evening capes for dresses made of black feathers, garrison caps and pill hats, as well as black veils.

For the first time, the collection will feature shoes: flat pumps, high-heeled sandals and a classic stiletto heel.

“I have never claimed to be a designer. This is a separate work, a profession in which one must study in order to succeed. I am a temporary passenger who takes out my favorite dresses from the closet and gives Russian women a choice - to buy or not to buy. After all, I am fighting for quality, for every line, for natural fabrics and for an adequate price, which is extremely important in our country, where there are so many beautiful women and such tiny salaries."

This fall, the collection will be replenished with men's cut shirts, tailcoat, trousers with stripes, jackets and small suitcases, which will undoubtedly make a splash. Renata Litvinova emphasizes: “My clothes are comfortable, simple and practical. It is not for catwalks, but for everyday life."

Only natural fabrics and only the highest quality in the collection of the film star.

The ZARIN & Renata Litvinova collection is the choice of a real woman

The new collection went on sale on September 1, 2009

The presentation of the collection will take place on September 9. Come to for news

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