Supermodels-millionaires: From The Catwalk To A Business Woman

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Supermodels-millionaires: From The Catwalk To A Business Woman
Supermodels-millionaires: From The Catwalk To A Business Woman
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Although it is generally accepted that models earn a lot, only a few become owners of multimillion-dollar fortunes - and, as a rule, not only at the expense of a model's career. Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford almost never appear on the catwalk, but they rightfully consider themselves millionaires due to the fact that they have long turned from supermodels - a business woman.

Gisele Bundchen

Now a former Victoria's Secret “angel”, Gisele Bündchen launched her own line of footwear a few years ago - supermodels brought about $ 8 million in collections of the simplest sandals in 2009 alone, and in 2010 also introduced the Sejaa line of eco-cosmetics. In addition, Giselle owns the Palladium Executive Hotel in Brazil - not surprisingly, Bündchen turned out to be the highest paid model in the world this year, earning $ 25 million in a year.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum also managed to be a Victoria's Secret “angel” at one time and finally broke the contract with the brand only in September 2010, having spent almost 13 years with Victoria's Secret. During her more than long career as a model, Klum has launched many other projects - the line of anti-aging cosmetics In an Instant, two lines of maternity clothing, Loved and Lavish, a line of sportswear with the New Balance brand. All of these endeavors have earned Heidi over $ 16 million in the past year alone. After leaving the podium, Klum began to conquer the TV screens: for several years Heidi has remained the host of the popular reality show "Project Runway".

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks managed to truly retrain from models to TV presenters, who, thanks to numerous television projects, earns about $ 30 million a year. Tyra's production company, Bankable, produces programs True Beauty and Stylista, as well as the popular reality show Next Top Model, which is also hosted by a supermodel.

Kate Moss

The eternal favorite of Vogue, British supermodel Kate Moss has become a very successful designer over the past three years thanks to the launch of the Kate Moss for Topshop line, which brought in tens of millions of dollars in profit. In addition, the model's portfolio includes her own perfume line and a line of accessories, the collections of which Kate creates for Longchamp, and in the near future a line of cosmetics and jewelry will be added to them.


Almost equally famous for her revolutionary line of cosmetics for black women and her modeling career, 55-year-old ex-supermodel Iman hosts The Fashion Show on the American channel Bravo and produces collections of clothing, accessories and home decor items.

Josie Maran

The whole world knows Josie Maran as the face of Maybelline, but the supermodel also managed to be a Victoria's Secret "angel", and now she is creating collections for the line of cosmetics and skin care products, earning over $ 10 million a year.

Molly Sims

From the Victoria's Secret catwalk and the cover of Sports Illustrated, American model Molly Sims moved on to creating her own jewelry collections, which can now be bought in major stores in the US and Europe. In addition, Sims is successfully building an acting career: she could be seen in films such as "Always Say YES" and "Starsky and Hutch".

Elizabeth Hurley

British actress and model, a former representative of the cosmetic giant Estee Lauder, 45-year-old Elizabeth Hurley today delights her fans with collections of beachwear and develops her own brand of organic food.

Cindy Crawford

American supermodel Cindy Crawford became one of the first representatives of the catwalk to try herself in business: Crawford earned her first millions by releasing exercise videos. Today, Cindy Crawford also sells furniture, home decor, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics, and still collaborates as a model with famous fashion brands.

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson from the famous owner of the sexiest body in the world has long turned into a successful business woman: the lingerie line alone brings MacPherson about $ 10 million a year. In addition, Elle McPherson is the executive producer and host of Britain's Next Top Model.

Erin Wasson

Former Maybelline spokeswoman Erin Wasson also began her career with Victoria's Secret. Today, the model's company RVC produces collections of women's clothing and jewelry under the LowLuv brand. In addition, Erin is one of the owners of the popular New York nightclub 100 Lafayette.

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