Columnists Of The "Russian Pioneer"

Columnists Of The "Russian Pioneer"
Columnists Of The "Russian Pioneer"

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Columnists - a play on words - speaks as best as possible about the level of self-development of a person. Of course, anyone can be extraordinary, creative and still all awesome … But to be able to teach it so that tens of thousands of people happen to your confused ornate syllable, gaping mouths, Duc, and also read your own essays and notes so that these tens of thousands sat motionless for long minutes - this is a gift! Once again I am convinced that no matter how much I love as media persons, Tina Kandelaki or Ksenia Sobchak … But the fact that the girls have reached the highest level already makes them respect. And after once you look at the "Pioneer Readings" and listen to their columns live, you will begin to respect them at least for their masterly mastery of Russian swearing and bright collective images.

The last time "Russian Pioneer" held its readings in the most suitable place for itself - on the territory of the Winzavod hangar. Among the walls of red brick, at sunset, with a glass of wine in hand, the cream of society, and just creative young people talked, joked, exchanged barbs and competed in the sharpness of language. Of course, the honored columnists of the magazine - Margarita Simonyan, Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki - became the kings of the evening.

Sitting in an old armchair, folding their legs on their legs, the ladies in paints and with all the banter told the public about "Pure St. Petersburg X *** ynyu", in no way inferior in style to Zadornov himself, about the untapped fields of the Kuban and real stories from the series "The Inspector General came "and the meeting of the famous TV presenter Tina Kandelaki with her idol - actor Bruce Willis. It would seem that everyday ordinary stories and memories from the past … Well, okay, someone even has memories, tamped down, embellished and dressed in words, but this style, this snobbery, this ability to keep a brand, this is mastery of a syllable and this ability to isolate details and vividly describe even the everyday process of offscreen kitchens while recording a program … Sorry, but this level still needs to be achieved! From some stories, not only did the hands clap themselves, but also goosebumps ran down the skin because,which is really great.

For three years "Russian Pioneer" has become a real quality mark in free columnistic journalism. Feuilleton and satirical narration is welcomed, as well as poignant socially accusatory verses. Fairy tales about modern society are generally wonderful! And if you are like readings that are collected, by the way, with an enviable frequency - once, about a month - then sharpen your syllable no worse than a sting. In general, I am delighted with what I saw! On leaving Winzavod I received a special issue of a magazine with the creations of Dima Glukhovsky with the beautiful title "Stories about the Motherland" … All friends, journalists, artists, designers and actresses, are read by the magazine, and I watch the videos of the readings and try to catch this wave of confidence in the legitimacy and exclusivity of my own opinion..To just so, playfully, waggle about everything,what I notice around my non-standard alien brain. And to make out of your own youth thinking - a brand that will collect under itself all the extraordinary, creative, unlimited and avant-garde. After all, a person only has to say that this daub is an avant-garde masterpiece. He will immediately begin to appreciate her and equate to this level. And on this you can turn around well, really, really!;)

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