Ksenia Sobchak Will Change The Clothes Of Euroset Employees

Ksenia Sobchak Will Change The Clothes Of Euroset Employees
Ksenia Sobchak Will Change The Clothes Of Euroset Employees

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Ksenia Sobchak, who owns a part of Euroset shares, took part in the development of a new dress code for the company's employees. Now they will change into a new uniform - yellow signature shirts with understated skirts and trousers. The management has banned shorts and other too informal clothes. Ksenia will also contribute to the promotion of the new corporate style in the company. Several master classes have already taken place from the secular lioness for Euroset employees, at which she explained what "is good and what is bad" in clothes.

According to Vedomosti, the dress code will change by July 2010 in all 3700 Russian Euroset stores.

The changes affected not only the clothes of the sellers, but also the design of the salons.

Euroset CEO Alexander Malis told Vedomosti that so far there is no uniform standard for redesigning salons: somewhere they changed the window dressing, changed merchandising, somewhere - signs and advertising media format, made the salons more sunny and spacious. In some showrooms, the lighting of shop windows has been improved - instead of the yellowish backlighting, fluorescent lamps have been installed, and thanks to this, sales have already grown, depending on the point, by 2-7%.

Recall that under the owner and founder of the company, Yevgeny Chichvarkin, the sellers dressed quite informally. There was only one limitation - T-shirts and T-shirts had to be corporate yellow.

However, after the current owner of Euroset, Alexander Mamut, in September 2008 acquired 100 percent of Euroset shares and a month later sold 49.9 percent of the securities to VimpelCom, the company changed not only its image shares, but also its corporate policy.

Under Chivarkin, Euroset issued April Fools' press releases, employees of the company were filmed naked for a corporate calendar, competitors received souvenirs with obscene inscriptions, and the financial statements of the company were carried out in the form of a fairy tale.

Evgeny Chichvarkin's "letters of happiness" to his employees have also become famous. On the Sostav.ru "Live" in 2005, Evgeny said that he had to work hard and hard on the corporate spirit. And letters are an integral part of it.

In 2009, the new president, Alexander Malis, also wrote a corporate letter to employees. Even then, lines appeared in the letter concerning the appearance of the sellers. Malis urged employees not to wear short shorts so as "not to attract undue attention from representatives of sexual minorities."

The press service of Euroset told Sostav.ru that the company wants every seller to feel like a “businessman” when he goes to a meeting with a buyer. The buyer is always more pleasant to communicate with a well-groomed young man or girl, and not with a teenager in a crumpled T-shirt. And as in any negotiation, the dress code is part of the business language.

In Euroset, research was carried out, and where they made changes in the appearance of sellers, sales increased by several percent.

The company says that they are not against experiments of our sellers with appearance and self-expression. But this is also a whole art.

Today, Euroset holds a number of master classes on the art of make-up, personal care, and attracts specialists from cosmetic companies and stylists.

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