Read In The June Issue Of GQ

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Read In The June Issue Of GQ
Read In The June Issue Of GQ
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Descent into Hell

To whom the mare is the bride, the hut is the boudoir, and the river of sewage is the road. Fearless GQ columnists Sobchak and Sokolova visited German Sterligov, once the first Russian millionaire, and in 2004 a presidential candidate, and now a hermit, philosopher and just an Orthodox person who has not brushed his teeth for 8 years. Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Sokolova embarked on all the hardships of village life, but how could it be otherwise when Sterligov met them with the words: “Well, what are you up to, queens of glamor ?! Take off your pants and hand over your mobile phones - I have a zone free from demonic communication!"

Read about the tough and instructive journey of two socialite divas in the June issue of GQ magazine.

What to look for in the June issue of GQ

500,000 baseball bats were purchased in Russia in 2009. Three balls and one baseball glove were also purchased. What should you do? Variants of answer: a) have an open Schengen visa; b) repent; c) buy a baseball bat.

Dmitry Bykov is tormented by devils on twelve holidays. And he invites everyone to purchase an Orthodox calendar in order to prepare in advance for a meeting with the horned ones. Forewarned is forearmed.

Eduard Limonov, on the contrary, advises to have a girlfriend, because it is the girls who owe their acquaintance with the world musical culture.

Tony Parsons is convinced that the path to success lies through some terrible humiliation of human dignity. For example, stealing your trousers in the locker room, followed by a spectacular exit to the public in only panties.

Revzin invites President Medvedev and all Vodokanal employees to learn the famous phrase of Mark Porcius Cato "In addition, I believe that Carthage must be destroyed." And end all public appearances with it.

The famous wine critic of the country Igor Serdyuk advises Mel Gibson to have sex with Jodie Foster somewhere near Novorossiysk.

From now on, advanced fitness instructors suggest walking only in Scandinavian style. This kind of walking, in contrast to the useless universal one, burns 47% more calories (exactly 47, not 50!).

Mahatma Gandhi teaches: "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good."

Pointlessness on a note. Playwright Mikhail Ugarov states: "In contemporary art, it is easiest to hide your meaninglessness."

Billionaire Richard Branson advises ambitious people: Keep it casual. GQ's contributing editors suggest the same thing under the Up & Down heading. The fashion department is another matter - for example, it strongly discourages wearing a backpack with a Super 180-250 wool suit.

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