Star Shopping In Turkey

Star Shopping In Turkey
Star Shopping In Turkey
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Turkey has always been an ideal shopping space, but now it is turning into a real paradise for Russian shoppers, who have a unique opportunity to purchase goods for rubles. Russian stars who came to Istanbul for Istanbul Fashion Week were among the first to take advantage of this advantage.

Ksenia Sobchak, Lada Dance, Timati and Igor Vernik and other star guests of the Istanbul Fashion Week, held in Turkey from February 3 to 6, could not resist the temptation and on the very first day went shopping in the largest shopping centers of Istanbul. A pleasant surprise and considerable surprise awaited them - it turned out that from now on, many Turkish multi-brand and mono-brand stores and well-known brands accept Russian rubles for payment.

Russian stars and other fans of modern Turkish fashion have appreciated this innovation. Ksenia Sobchak bought several luxurious dresses from famous Turkish designers, Timati looked for an original wallet, and, of course, a leather outfit, and Lada Dance acquired a whole wardrobe. The fact that purchases were made for rubles made the shopping process even easier and more enjoyable.

The Shopping for Rubles program is designed to create the most comfortable shopping conditions for Russian tourists and to establish even stronger and more effective ties between Turkey and Russia. Shopaholics can rejoice - from now on, going to Turkey, they do not need to think about double currency conversion and operate in stores with unfamiliar banknotes. And although now it is not yet possible to pay in rubles everywhere, but one can hope that this practice will soon become widespread in most retail outlets of the country.

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