On June 17, The First Boutique Of The Legendary Chaumet Jewelry House Opened In Moscow

On June 17, The First Boutique Of The Legendary Chaumet Jewelry House Opened In Moscow
On June 17, The First Boutique Of The Legendary Chaumet Jewelry House Opened In Moscow
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In honor of this event, a unique exhibition "Chaumet: the history of Parisian jewelry art from the Napoleonic era to the present" was held at the State Historical Museum for four days, which presented the best jewelry of the House of Chaumet.

The boutique opening and exhibition were attended by: President of Chaumet Thierry Fritsch; curator of the museum and heritage of Chaumet Beatrice de Pleinval; President of JamilCo Khaled Jamil; and Sophie Marceau, the official face of the Chaumet brand in the world.

“I am extremely pleased that our boutique is opening in Russia,” Thierry Fritsch, President of Chaumet, said at a press conference. “Before the revolution of 1917, there were up to 6,000 regular customers in your country, and we are pleased to once again present here the work of the oldest jewelry house in Paris.”

“In my opinion, the appearance of the Chaumet boutique in Russia is not at all accidental: Chaumet and Russia are very close to each other,” says Sophie Marceau, the official of the Chaumet brand. "They are united by a taste for new things and interest, respect for history." The first Moscow boutique Chaumet, located in the prestigious Stoleshnikov Lane, is a joint project of the legendary brand with the JamilKo company. The historic facade of the 19th century, combined with modern interior decoration, perfectly reflects the new concept of Chaumet: "Face to face: history and modernity".

The interior of the boutique is designed in a modern, elegant style and is distinguished by purity of lines, where the warmth of exotic wood with a bronze coating is adjacent to engraved textured glass. The boutique's decorative solutions - iridescent burgundy stone, a blue carpet, wooden furniture decorated with elements of brass and bronze - are reminiscent of the design of Chaumet jewelry collections.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, an architect, designer, designer of the Moscow boutique Chaumet, is known for his numerous projects in France and abroad, in particular, the plan for the development of the Champs Elysees in Paris (1994)

The boutique presents several Chaumet collections: a piece of high jewelry art - the Frisson collection, which contains themes of nature; jewelry from the Anneaux and Liens collections; the Class One and Khesis watches, as well as the new Dandy line of watches and jewelry for men.

The history of the House is closely connected with the European aristocracy: Napoleon himself was the first customer of Chaumet. At the same time, the most loyal fans of the House lived in Russia: in 1901, Chaumet had more than 6,000 Russian clients, among whom were the most noble aristocratic families, including the Romanovs' house. In the year of its bicentennial, the House of Chaumet returns to Russia with the opening of its first exclusive boutique. In honor of this event, the brand presents in the State Historical Museum a collection of fifty of its finest jewelry from the time of Napoleon to the present day. “Our exposition is a kind of anthology of high jewelery art represented in the work of Chaumet,” said Beatrice de Plenval, curator of the brand's heritage and exhibition curator, at a press conference at the Historical Museum."Visitors to our exhibition will be able to discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Parisian jewelers."

The exposition presented truly unique exhibits from all over the world, including from private collections: from the luxurious headset of the Empress Marie-Louise to the aigrette in the style of Mary Stuart; from a tie pin, custom-made for Count Anatoly Demidov, to the famous diadem created for the Parma branch of the Bourbon dynasty, and modern jewelry from the Frisson collection.

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