Tymoshenko Changed Her Hair

Tymoshenko Changed Her Hair
Tymoshenko Changed Her Hair
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We will remind that the last time Yulia Tymoshenko appeared before the public without a braid more than a year ago. On March 7, the prime minister came to work with her hair down. Then the prime minister's subordinates and journalists associated a radical change in the appearance of the head of government on March 8.

And at the very beginning of 2007, the head of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc came to the plenary session with her hair down, which surprised everyone: after all, everyone was accustomed to the standard image of a politician. Representatives of the press for a long time did not lag behind Tymoshenko with questions, they were interested not only in her comments on a political topic, but also in the reason for such a radical change in appearance. Tymoshenko told reporters that nothing of the kind happened, “it's just that sometimes women change their hairstyles.” The BYuT leader promised to do it more often so as not to cause such a stir, UNIAN reports.

However, the spit of the prime minister is more familiar to citizens. According to experts, it is the image of Tymoshenko with a scythe that contributes to her popularity, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets with reference to The New York Times.

To begin with, the braid, a traditional Ukrainian hairstyle, symbolizes Yulia's commitment to her country and her intention to act independently and exclusively for the good of Ukraine. This is a kind of attempt to create a contrast with other candidates who are oriented towards the West or towards Russia.

Further, the braid twisted on the head a little resembles the halo of saints, which also involuntarily contributes to the growth of its popularity, primarily among ordinary people. In order to emphasize her "sanctity", Tymoshenko has recently been giving preference to exceptionally light colors in her clothes. Nevertheless, her political opponents do not allow voters to forget that not so long ago Yulia Tymoshenko was an oligarch.

While image advisors acknowledge that using hair as a political symbol can sometimes hurt a candidate, the opposite is true in Tymoshenko's case.

One of the most frequent questions asked by Yulia Tymoshenko is still the following: do you have a real braid?

“Everything I have is real: hair, nails, I practically do not use cosmetics,” Tymoshenko said at a press conference. - I am often asked about my scythe. Now I will put an end to all rumors once and for all."

After these words, Julia let her long hair down so that the whole world could see that there was no talk of any hairpieces.

Earlier it was reported that it costs about 1 million hryvnia to insure Yulia Tymoshenko's famous braid. Not all Ukrainian companies agree to insure some hair, some - only with the head, reports IA "Rosbalt".

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