Tymoshenko Turns A Business Trip Into A Fashion Show

Tymoshenko Turns A Business Trip Into A Fashion Show
Tymoshenko Turns A Business Trip Into A Fashion Show
Video: Tymoshenko Turns A Business Trip Into A Fashion Show
Video: Щербань. Гибель отца, Ахметов, Кобзон, Тимошенко, Лазаренко, встреча с киллером. В гостях у Гордона 2023, February

Everyone knows from an early age: they are greeted by their clothes, escorted by their minds. In order not to spoil the first impression of herself, the Prime Minister of Ukraine was preparing for the meeting in advance, packing up her suitcases. Here I wanted the Playboy star to slay the French on the spot, surpassing Kutuzov, with just one glance and a suddenly bare knee. But Yulia Tymoshenko was waiting for a bummer in this matter - French President Jacques Chirac did not meet a guest, and the official delegation at the airport did not hit in piles, but just bowed politely.

Still unaware of Chirac's 'scammer', smiling Yulia Timoshenko descended from the plane's ladder in all white: a cardigan, a skirt with polka dots and high-heeled shoes. Step up the steps on stiletto heels is a special test that not everyone can withstand, but Julia coped with it. That `sacrifice` was taken for granted by others.

Tymoshenko knew that she was yet to meet Chirac at an air show in Le Bourget. They were supposed to spend 26 minutes together. And Tymoshenko did everything to make Chirac take her for `his' - dressed up in French. A suit from Yves-Saint Laurent with a belt of patent leather at the premier is already "worn", in it she appeared at a photo shoot of a fashion magazine and on the pages of the newspaper "Ytro". And that's true, not all Yulia Vladimirovna walk in Ukrainian lace and ruffles. It's no secret that because of the abundance of all sorts of shuttlecocks on skirts, they are already making fun of her.

But at Le Bourget, Tymoshenko was expected to be disappointed. Firstly, Ukrainian aviators refused to participate in the salon due to fears that Ukrainian planes would be arrested here for debts. Secondly, Chirac, who was supposed to sit next to the air show, was at a great distance. In the end, we managed to exchange only a couple of phrases with him.

But this is not the main thing! After all, Parisian fashion designers wanted to meet with Tymoshenko, for example, Monsieur Yves Carcel, the president of the Louis Vuitton trademark had the honor to drink a glass of wine in company with Yulia right in her room at the Bristol hotel. By the way, the Ukrainian fashionista has in her wardrobe a little thing from `Louis Vuitton` - the famous purple dress with` lanterns`, on which she flaunted on the cover of `Elle` magazine. As it became known, Karsel put forward the idea of ​​promoting his boutique to Ukraine. According to experts, Tymoshenko herself has at least two "Wuitton" bags, each with a price of $ 1.5 thousand. Why shouldn't other "ordinary Ukrainian women" buy the same ones. The idea is under discussion. But it is difficult to say something definite about the business part of the trip to France.


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