Tina Kandelaki's Hostage

Tina Kandelaki's Hostage
Tina Kandelaki's Hostage
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Video: Тина Канделаки про баттл с Млечным | Тина Канделаки VS Млечный 2018 2023, February

August 5, 2009 will long remain in the memory of the guests of the FACE.ru Face of the Month award - after all, it is not every day that you become a hostage of Tina Kandelaki.

Despite the fact that the evening could hardly be called summer, and the wind "from the sea" was the least like a warm breeze, the number of those wishing to spend this night on the River Palace motor ship in the FACE.ru company turned out to be impressive. The guests queuing up to enter even compared the excitement with Eurovision.

Among the distinguished guests of the ceremony, in addition to the expected Vyacheslav Murugov (general producer of CTC Media), Alexander Malenkov (editor-in-chief of Maxim), Svetlana Vysokovskaya (editor-in-chief of Passion.ru), resident of the Comedy Club Le Havre, Pavel Kaplevich (theater and film artist) and DJ Leonid Rudenko, as well as Alexey Panin, Artur Dzhanibekyan (the founding father of the Comedy Club) and Yana Rudkovskaya.

While the guests got used to the fact that the earth was gone from under their feet, Tina Kandelaki started right off the bat: “It seems to me, or are we already sailing? Let's swim, huh? Well, congratulations, now you are hostages of the ship captured by Tina Kandelaki! Agree - this does not happen every day. " Unbelievable, but true - after these words the audience became suspiciously quiet (the images of Somali pirates are still alive in the imaginations of our compatriots).

The competitive part, traditionally starting with a talent competition, initially determined the policy of the evening. The song performed "past all notes" was ultimately the key to winning the competition. Why? Because for the first time in the history of show business, sincerity prevailed over confidence and experience. Tina Kandelaki later stated that, they say, "dreams just come true", and Vyacheslav Murugov remarked: "It was sincere, which means it was good."

In a word, the most daring of the five contestants (Pluzhnik Sofia, Chernova Nastya, Ivanchenkova Elya, Chizhikova Evgenia, Aleshina Nastya) turned out to be a seemingly quiet and modest girl Elya, who flew to us from Kaliningrad and performed a cover version of the song "Belle".

Immediately after the presentation of the $ 2,000 gift box to the winners of the SummerFace competition - the team of Natalia Lautenschläger, the program of the ceremony was continued by the traditional competition in swimsuits from Alexander Malenkov.

The final competition, which followed right after Le Havre's performance, struck everyone on the spot. First of all, the unpredictability of the results. The competition was that the girls had to unfold and eat the candy in boxing gloves. The competition was invented by one of the FACE.ru participants and at first seemed to everyone to be quite innocent fun. And in vain, because no one could have imagined how many passions can flare up around one candy!

Sofia Pluzhnik and the beloved Elya Ivanchenkova, who amazed the jury with her will to win from the very beginning of the ceremony, reached the final. She did not lag behind the given trajectory even here, destroying the candy in a matter of seconds, practically without turning it (Tina did not even have time to ask the jury to time it). The situation, as always, was saved by the brilliant sense of humor of the incomparable presenter, who offered to eat the remaining candies in the same way for a while. As expected, Elya Ivanchenkova won the final competition. She preferred victory to caring for her figure.

The girl was so moved by the number of gifts and attention that she could not hold back her tears. And, it seems, for the first time in a long time, she really embarrassed the powerful Moscow media figures. Vyacheslav Murugov admitted: “I don't know any other project, except FACE.ru, where such a young spontaneity could fulfill her dream, break through. Anywhere else it would have been crushed and driven out! You are great, just champions. FACE "dot" RU is, perhaps, a wrong name. After all, you have not a face and a "dot", but just a comma, behind which all the most interesting - courage, talent, inner peace."

The Audience Award was given to Sofia Pluzhnik, who charmed the jury and guests of the ceremony with her grace and grace. Sofia is waiting for an interview with Tina Kandelaki, promotion on the site, the best FACE.ru photo sessions and gifts that are not inferior to the “Face of the Month” presentations.

The evening continued with an incendiary afterparty, where Leonid Rudenko played for FACE.ru guests.

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