Free Fall. Learnings About Helmut Newton

Free Fall. Learnings About Helmut Newton
Free Fall. Learnings About Helmut Newton
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The best photographers of Russia and the Center for Contemporary Photography invites you to take part in the opening of a unique photo project of 2003 - “Free Fall. Dogmatics about Helmut Newton ", which will take place on Tuesday, May 13 at 18:00 in the Coffeemania coffee shop.

"Free fall. Dogs about Helmut Newton”is an unprecedented cultural event that has no analogues in the history of Russian photography. For the first time, an exhibition of the most famous haute couture photojournalist and the "golden eye" of well-known western high fashion magazines - Helmut Newton - was held in Moscow in 1989. It took Russian photography 14 years to recover from the "culture shock" and finally decide on its relationship with " father of glossy glamor and Polaroid women. Newton's recent short-term visit to Moscow and his master class only fueled the mood of the Russian photographic elite. Photographers about a photographer, photography about photography, the art of the most famous voyeur of the secret life of the beau monde in the reflection of a Russian freeze frame are offered for your judgment by the largest masters of the camera of Russia.

Anton Lange, Vladimir Klavikho-Telepnev, Sasha Manovtseva, Igor Mukhin, Vladimir Mishukov, Galina Moskaleva, Alexander Maslenitsyn, Pavel Kiselev, Tatyana Antoshina, Natalia and Valey Cherkashin will present their works at the exhibition. This exposition exceeds the scope of a regular exhibition. The original spatial solution, in which the photographs are correlated with the general visual and semantic field of contemporary art, provokes the viewer into an emotional dialogue devoid of servility with the chosen object.

A kind of "Newton's test" awaits the gathered guests. The authors of the papers will share their reflections on the nature of Newton's phenomenon and its success. What is the nature of Newton's culture, how is fashion for fashion itself born, what traps and provocations are hidden in his deliberately bourgeois style …

The launch of the photo project will take place on May 13 at 18:00 at st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 13 - coffee house "Coffeemania" in the building of the Moscow State Conservatory.

Contact person: Ekaterina Arkhipova - 961-1086

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