Shakira In The October Issue Of Vanity Fair

Shakira In The October Issue Of Vanity Fair
Shakira In The October Issue Of Vanity Fair
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In the pictures, Shakira shows off Dior, Chanel and Gaultier outfits. Photographer - Michael Roberts. Photo session stylist - JessicDiehl.

Shakira recorded her first album, Magia, at the age of 13, signing a contract with Sony Discos. Shakira was always attracted to rock, but the producers from Sonya believed that the role of a pop singer was better for her. However, the album was not successful.

The singer's second album - Peligro (Danger) - also did not make the future star popular, losing in sales even to the previous disc. The record company Sony Discos, which initially signed a three-album contract with the young singer, gave her one last chance, to which Shakira made a condition of non-interference in her work.

The release in 1995 of a new album under the auspices of Colombian producer Luis Fernando Ochoa - "Pies descalzos, suenos blancos (Bare feet, high dreams)" was a breakthrough for Shakira both at home and on both American continents. The album was a mixture of pop-rock and Latin American rhythms and brought the singer extraordinary success in Latin America, selling 4 million copies.

The singer managed to consolidate her success with the release of the next disc - ¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones? (Where are the thieves?), Which is still considered the best creation of her entire Spanish-speaking career. Shakira achieved world recognition in 2001, thanks to her hit Whenever, Wherever, and five years later she topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with the single Hips Don't Lie, recorded with the participation of Wyclef Jean.

In 2009, Shakira returned with a new single, "She Wolf". The release of the self-titled album is scheduled for October 5, 2009. A Spanish-language version called Lob appeared on radio stations on June 29. The song differs from the previous work of the singer in electronic dance sound. The singer promises to appear in the video in a completely new daring image, which can already be seen on the cover of the single, published on the network.

Shakira herself, in an interview with one of the foreign radio stations regarding her musical style, explained that in the recording of the new album, she continued to mix the music of different countries - Indian, Colombian music. The singer also said that the album will have 10 songs - 7 in English and 3 in Spanish. The release of the album, the title of which is not yet known, will take place in October this year.

In 2010, Shakira's world tour is planned, within the framework of which a concert in Russia is planned. However, no tour dates have been announced at this time.

Information about Shakira's work was gleaned from the depths of Wikipedia.

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