Fashion Against Poverty

Fashion Against Poverty
Fashion Against Poverty
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Video: HOHF Fashion Against Poverty 2023, February

Pop singer Shakir and supermodel Karolin Kurkov have received honorary awards for their humanitarian initiatives. More than 400 guests and journalists attended the ceremony at UNESCO headquarters in New York. At the end of the ceremony, guests saw the collections created by women from Colombia, Panama, India, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Mexico, Morocco, Peru and Brazil with small loans received to break out of poverty through fashion.

“Remember that by the end of this day, when we’re all home, 960 children will die in Latin America,” said Shakira, receiving an award for her Barefoot charity, which helps children avoid violence in her native Colombia. "As part of a generation that brought so many new ideas and technologies to the world that were not available to our parents … let's use this historic opportunity, our advantage, to make this world a better place to live."

Czech model Kurkov received an award for her work in child welfare organizations such as the Beautiful Life Foundation and the Free Arts.

To the chagrin of many guests, some of the UNESCO-awarded stars did not appear at the event. AngelinJolie, Queen of Jordan, Hillary Clinton sent their representatives.

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